More than 1 million take to the road as 'monster' storm nears

Families were divided on whether to leave despite mandatory evacuations in North and South Carolina.
3:30 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for More than 1 million take to the road as 'monster' storm nears
Begin tht with that enormous and powerfulurricane bearing down on the east coast. Unfortunately, the forec models H now converged, this does look lik it's going T a direct hit.winds tht at 140 miler ho. The nato weather service just withts newestnight. Hurrane Floren is a category Ely to makeall along the coast of the CIN Friday morni between 6:00 A.M. An no. All could change,f justook a this nithe eye clearly visible right there. And very strong Stor of T they're also worried about is once it it in place, dumping several feef rain. And at thisur,0 million people in its path, this image says it both sides of the highway there sth Carolina G inhe me direction H et millions across will be effected by this's govno tonight warning this could be deadly. Tonigh T newest track, when it hits and ABC's Steve osu Rr: From Charleston to Columbia tonight, my B into northola and Virginia, more than a llion and pple are heading one way -- away from danger. Enough clothes for Abou weekin case wean't come righaw order: Jenfee and R son, Robbie, piledheir dog into the car and didlook R neighborods during storms they're headed to grille. We'ren land, we have to leave. We don't have a choice. It gets rally scary out storms. Reporter:hesoms family is already on the road. We're escaping hurricane Florence. We live in Wilmington, North Carolina. Reporter: They stuck in traffic today, on their way to Asheville. Goock to body out E in the ph of Hurne or EP the eye othe storm only geing bigger. And Hur bottles of are G smaller. I'm getting it for my sister, my brother, my dad and mychildren. Repter: The governors of north and say their Evans are mandatory. In South Carolina, thever stastline. This storm a monster. 'S big and it's vious. We in a very adly and important game of chess with hurricane Florence. Reporter: Butmany families on the roads tonight are headed to cities like Raleigh, where F the storm could stall and bring 35s of flooding Get U ready up ere, bse it's notthere, eitr. Rter: Jeff ch us that his wife wants to leave, he wants stay. I when some of the family leave andome wants to stay. Orter: Theohnsons are having sim to obeyhe evacuation order, he not so you guys haven't real cided? Not of 're packing like we're leave but hopee get to stay. Reporter: Before left, a changed their minds. My ? No. No, we'll --Ed to look the news Stevesunsami live in Charleston, South Carolina, D on so many phonrging folks to take this serious once it hits, T rain afteard expected to be potentially life-threatening, as well. Reporr: That's right, David. Ane can sw you WHA people are so afraid. Lookt wherere standing right now. We're at the Corne oft B and water street. Ago this time, when rrirmat ke. Were flooded. Carsnder water. Andhis wasn't even a direct hit. They don't call this the low coy, David, for nothing. That's right. Sal hours after Irma made L in Florida. Steve, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Families were divided on whether to leave despite mandatory evacuations in North and South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57755569","title":"More than 1 million take to the road as 'monster' storm nears","url":"/WNT/video/million-road-monster-storm-nears-57755569"}