Mystery shoppers go undercover

So-called mystery shoppers get paid to make sure stores are living up to their promises.
1:25 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for Mystery shoppers go undercover
Next tonight here, your money and how to make a little extra cash becoming a mystery shopper. Often at the same stores you already go to. ABC's Linzie Janis out to save your money tonight. Reporter: You won't notice them but they're out there, in stores and in restaurants. So-called mystery shoppers hired by retailers to shop undercover and give feedback. You've been a mystery shopper for over ten years? Yes, I'm a pro. Reporter: We caught up with Lori cheek, not on the job today, but when she is, she's like a secret agent on a quality control mission, checking every detail. It's the lighting in the window, maybe it's the carpet at the entry, the stock, the staff. Reporter: She records her observations and files a report. How long does the job take? Some of them can take ten minutes, some can take two hours. Reporter: Lori says she makes up to $700 a month and gets free food and merchandise. While the pay and the perks may be tempting, the government warns there are several scams out there. So if you want to be a mystery shopper, do your homework. Legitimate companies don't charge people to work for them. Never pay fees to be a mystery shopper. And beware of another scam that asks you to deposit a check and wire some of the money back in order to activate your employment. David? Never pay them. Let them pay you, Lynn say, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"So-called mystery shoppers get paid to make sure stores are living up to their promises.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"48601549","title":"Mystery shoppers go undercover","url":"/WNT/video/mystery-shoppers-undercover-48601549"}