People of the week: Afghanistan edition

Many military people serving for their families and their country for as long as they're needed.
2:36 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for People of the week: Afghanistan edition
Finally tonight our persons of the week. The men and women serving, their sacrifice in America's longest war. We started the week with our reporting from Afghanistan. Flying over kabul, with the four star general, the top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan. It's a good day to fly in kabul. This is a pivotal moment in America's longest war. And we witnessed special forces training the Afghans to lead the fight. Col. Darren blatt -- Well we certainly want to see Afghans in the lead. You certainly want to see the Afghans doing all of, all the training, doing all the operations. Are leading right here. Afghans are totally leading. And while Washington debates any possible draw down of U.S. Troops, we met many of them. Who have sacrificed time with family. Who have put their own lives in danger. Lt. Col. Gil moss from coudersport, Pennsylvania. Her ly back home. She is here. She speaks Dari with the Afghans. You're able to form better relationships with them, and in this culture it just means a great deal. Ctain Carly Costello, form Georgia. I remember -- I remember 9/11. I was in seventh grade when it happened and my brother was in fifth grade and that night that it happened, my brother always wanted to be a marine. Honestly he's my inspiration for why I want to be out here. Is your brother serving out too? He is, yes, sir. Both of you were inspired by that day? Both of us. Master sgt. Kyle Leonard, who enlisted at 17. He thinks of his young family back home and Wrigley field, where he through the years, has used his military id to get in. My family is something that you really think of, and you have time to think of, when you're on side of the mountain. And your military id, what was the cost to get in? So it was 20 bucks, that was a couple yea but it was $20, you bought a hot dog and a beer and watch a cubs game. I hope you get that again soon. Yes, thank you. And we were therefor the day workout with that four star general. Make a phone call home. Tell them we say thank you as well. The commander thanking them all. Major Adam Scher of New York City. He was a major, Scher was a cadet at west point on 9/11. I hope we're setting the conditions for a political settlement for the future. And firstt. Natalia calsaquio from Puerto Rico. She came to Afghanistan after the hurricane MARIA. How is everyone doing back home? We are struggling, but we are doing okay. I'm here for them and to give a better future for my entire family. The troops don't know here, if and when any draw down of U.S. Troops could happen. What they do know is they're here for their families, for their country, for as long as they're needed. So we choose all of the men and women who serve So you finally got Fios, huh? Yep, and wanna know what the best part about

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Many military people serving for their families and their country for as long as they're needed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60950376","title":"People of the week: Afghanistan edition","url":"/WNT/video/people-week-afghanistan-edition-60950376"}