First Place Spelling Bee Tie

Two winning co-champs discuss spelling strategies and who is really a better speller.
2:46 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for First Place Spelling Bee Tie
Final tonight, the national spelling bee. There are always surprises, but we weren't expecting this. Our persons of the week. We've come to expect drama, the high stakes. Just listen to last night. There was Jacob, who couldn't contain his excitement. Correct. Yeah! And then the drama no saw coming. Sriram and ansun. They both get a word wrong. Now it's a spell-off. 12 words later, the audience spell bound. If you get this word correctly, we will declare you co-champions. Not since 1962 has this happened. But tonight, look who the champions are now. Sriram, studying since the second grade. This is the culmination of my career. His career. Who's the better speller? He is. Kindness from the camp. How late were you up? I only took a three-hour sleep. And something they said right after. You said this was a competition against the dictionary. It really is against the dictionary. Everyone else is just, all the other spellers are cheering you on and are with you. Do we sense a rematch next year? No comment. And we changed the subject. Look at the words behind you. Are those words now your nightmare? I like all of them. So, you know how to spell all those words? We do now. And one last question. Now that you're co-champs, what do you do? We get on with life the way it's used to be. Being a champion by yourself, it's okay. But with another person, you get to experience it with them as well. And they told us they'd be friends forever.

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{"id":23938031,"title":"First Place Spelling Bee Tie","duration":"2:46","description":"Two winning co-champs discuss spelling strategies and who is really a better speller.","url":"/WNT/video/place-spelling-bee-tie-23938031","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}