Powerful winter storms wreaking havoc on the West Coast

The weather forced Seattle schools to close and delayed or canceled more than 500 flights at the city's airport.
2:15 | 02/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerful winter storms wreaking havoc on the West Coast
the deadly storms in the west. Heavy rain and flood alerts in southern California at this hour. Powerful storms triggering landslides. The images unbelievable tonight. Drivers unable to make it through washed out roads in eagle rock right there. And whiteout conditions shutting down I-80 from Applegate to the Nevada state line. And this evening, the snow paralyzing planes in Seattle. That system now moving east with snow, ice and rain. And here's ABC's will Carr tonight. Reporter: Tonight, powerful winter storms are wreaking hef vok up and down the west coast. In and around Seattle, police are helping push some drivers to safety, while others slide downhills, unable to stop. You can see, there are four cars lined up, all of them lost control. Reporter: The weather forcing schools to close while delaying or canceling more than 500 flights at Seattle's airport. In California's Sierra Nevada mountains, the stormed dumped up to eight feet of snow? Just 48 hours. This new storm moving in after a deadly weekend. Dramatic high water rescues, mudslides and flash floods sweeping across southern California. In Ventura county, a first responder killed by an out of control vehicle after he stopped to help another crash. And a giant sinkhole swallowing this construction equipment, the driver rescued. Tonight, first responders are on high alert. There's more dangerous weather in the forecast. We're expecting rain and snow through Tuesday. David? Will Carr, thank you. Let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, tracking it all. She's live tonight along the George Washington bridge. Good evening. Reporter: Good evening, David. Can you imagine getting 72 inches of snow in just 24 hours? They did that in June mountain, California, and it's still snowing in the Sierra. Look at the blizzard warnings. You can see another two feet of snow and winds gusting to 100 miles per hour. There are winter storm warnings all the way down to Los Angeles, outside of L.A. In the mountains, and San Diego in the mountains. Look at the future cast. This is going to take you through what the two low pressure systems mean on the screen. In the rockies, it's more snow. When you go east, with that first low, Chicago gets ice tomorrow night. So, you could really see some problems on the roadways into Detroit, Toledo, even Cleveland by Wednesday morning. All ahead of that, some major warmth. We've already had a dozen daily record highs set today and tomorrow, we could seal more, David. Just about everyone welcoming that. All right, ginger, thank you.

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{"id":60840958,"title":"Powerful winter storms wreaking havoc on the West Coast","duration":"2:15","description":"The weather forced Seattle schools to close and delayed or canceled more than 500 flights at the city's airport.","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-winter-storms-wreaking-havoc-west-coast-60840958","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}