Severe Storms Predicted Across the Country this Memorial Day Weekend

Ballgames, barbecues and other outdoor activities already canceled as wicked weather moves in.
2:59 | 05/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Storms Predicted Across the Country this Memorial Day Weekend
We turn next to the severe weather this holiday weekend, a tornado watch is up this Saturday night and there's been heavy rain and flooding across the country. Ball games, barbecues, outdoor events cancelled. The dodgers and the Phillies taking to the field under a darkening sky. Moments later, a diehard fan left in the stands. In Colorado look at this, these women trying to escape the flooded streets there, that system on the move tonight, the forecast in a moment but first ABC's Linzie Janis with the pictures coming. Reporter: A memorial day washout for huge swaths of the country. Heavy and violent storms causing flooding from Colorado to Kansas to New Mexico where hail rained down on unsuspecting drivers. Together with Texas, the states are ground zero for wild weekend weather. The rain would be welcome in Arizona, that massive fire north of sedona now swelling up more than 10,000 acres still just 15% contained. If it gets into here it's not a good thing. Reporter: In the east stooefr storms slamming vacationers in South Carolina, making back yards look like driving ranges, New York City's skyline littered with lightning bolts Friday night striking the freedom tower and the empire state building, hail in New Jersey, too. And this ominous scene over one of the state's beaches shows it's not over yet. More showers and thunderstorms are predicted for the northeast tonight and it will get dryer tomorrow and by Monday temperatures across the region including right here in central park will be in the mid 80s. I can't wait. David? Thanks, it will get better. We have severe weather to get through first. Jason Nicholas back with us. You've been tracking this in the weather center and a tornado watch tonight. Severe weather potentially tonight. Severe thunderstorm watches are out as well as tornado watches in southeast New Mexico and southwestern Texas. The potential is there. Large hail, strong winds and an isolated tornado. Unfortunately, David, this severe weather threat doesn't move all that much for folks across west Texas both tomorrow and Monday. Night that bull's eye from Lubbock to San Antonio. Doesn't move all that much at all. That means rain on already saturated grounds for lots of folks. Roswell, New Mexico saw rain this morning, more than four inches. Three times the amount of rain they've seen all year long. The good news is across the midwest and great Lakes, a little memorial day weather, finally temperatures in the mid 80s from Chicago to New York. Same for Atlanta and Memphis. The unofficial start to summer will start to feel like summer. Yes. We mentioned the start of hurricane season and we already have one. Take a look in the pacific ocean. We have hurricane Amanda. Normally hurricanes don't form out here until the latter part of June. No immediate threat to land. Eventually the remnants will make their way to the southwest bringing rains to areas of Arizona who are dealing with fires tonight.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Ballgames, barbecues and other outdoor activities already canceled as wicked weather moves in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23858240","title":"Severe Storms Predicted Across the Country this Memorial Day Weekend","url":"/WNT/video/severe-storms-predicted-country-memorial-day-weekend-23858240"}