Southwest pilot arrested at St. Louis airport

A truck pushes a car onto an interstate in St. Louis.
0:43 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Southwest pilot arrested at St. Louis airport
To the index of other news tonight. The southwest pilot arrested at the St. Louis airport. Police say TSA found a loaded gun in his carry-on. The unnamed pilot was prepared to fly to Las Vegas. Airport officials say he was not authorized to carry a weapon. To that scene on a highway in St. Louis. A rig pushing a car in interstate 55. The car pinned to the truck's grill there. The truck driver claiming he did not see the car. No one was hurt. And the newly discovered earth-like planet tonight. Scientists saw Ross 128-b may be able to support life. It was found orbiting 11 light years away. The temperature, about the same as Earth. So close to the sun, though, the average year is less than ten days. Ten days can feel like a year around here, too.

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{"duration":"0:43","description":"A truck pushes a car onto an interstate in St. Louis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"51182259","title":"Southwest pilot arrested at St. Louis airport","url":"/WNT/video/southwest-pilot-arrested-st-louis-airport-51182259"}