SpaceX launches biggest rocket in the world

The $90 million Falcon Heavy was carrying company founder Elon Musk's Tesla car.
3:25 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for SpaceX launches biggest rocket in the world
Good evening. And it's great to have you with us here on a Tuesday night. And we begin with that stunning launch. A new American rocket build not by nasa, but by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. And millions were watching today. His $90 million gamble, launching his own rocket. The spacex falcon heavy lifting off into a clear sky, some very unusual cargo inside. Elon Musk's own Tesla sports car carried into space where it is tonight with a dummy there in the driver's seat. That car now speeding toward Mars. You can't make this up. Three rockets attached are supposed to come back down and stick the landing. But would they? Millions again watching that part, as well. All part of Elon Musk's hope of carrying people back to the moon and starting a colony on Mars. ABC's David Kerley leads us off from cape canaveral tonight. Thrte, two -- Reporter: From the same launch pad America sent men to the moon -- Liftoff of falcon heavy. Reporter: Elon Musk's spacex ignited the falcon heavy, the biggest rocket in the world. You heard the call out. Vehicle is supersonic. Reporter: Actually, three rockets strapped together. The two boosters recycled. Cheers as they pull away from the $90 million vehicle. Successful separation. Reporter: But this private space company with intentions of going to Mars wasn't through. Those boosters slowing reentry with another engine firing and a nearly synchronized landing. And the falcon has landed. Reporter: And then, the big reveal of the cargo. Musk's very own roadster from his other company, Tesla, which makes electric cars. In the driver seat, a dummy in a spacesuit and a message on the dash. "Don't panic." The playful test cargo companied by music from David bowie. ??? Life on Mars ??? Reporter: The plan is to send the Tesla towards Mars, but first, remarkable pictures of the dummy, dubbed starman, with a glorious background of Earth. A stunning success for spacex. This big rocket means much heavier cargo can be carried into space. And with its reusability, spacex now has a price advantage over its competitors. Musk, who said there was only a 50/50 chance of this working, tweeting after the launch, with video of his starman, quote, "The view from spacex launch control, apparently there is a car in orbit around Earth." This was incredible to watch today. David Kerley at Kennedy space center. And David, we saw those two boosters land back in Florida. So, what are we learning about the third center booster that was supposed to return safety, and how how about the car tonight? Reporter: Yeah, quite the scene today, David. It was vibrating on the chest as it was taking off. Now, that second rocket, we don't know whether or not it landed in the ocean there is a report that it may have been lost, but that would be just a minor setback and what was a spectacular day. As you mentioned, the car is circling Earth at this hour. It will be sent toward Mars to actually orbit around the sun and Mars and, David, if it survives out there, it could be out there for a billion years. A billion years. All right, David Kerley, none of us will be here to report on that. Thanks so much.

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{"id":52890420,"title":"SpaceX launches biggest rocket in the world","duration":"3:25","description":"The $90 million Falcon Heavy was carrying company founder Elon Musk's Tesla car.","url":"/WNT/video/spacex-launches-biggest-rocket-world-52890420","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}