How will Sunday's Academy Awards go without a host?

"A Star is Born" is up for eight Oscars and "Black Panther" has seven nominations as the first superhero film up for Best Picture.
2:36 | 02/23/19

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Transcript for How will Sunday's Academy Awards go without a host?
The oscars on Sunday and it's not just the win ergs who are a mystery. It's how the night will go. No host. We do know that queen will perform opening the show. And the nomination for best picture, bohemian rhapsody. The story of queen and Freddie Mercury. Tied for the most nominations. Director Alfonso cuaron borrowing on his memories as a boy. Up against the favorite. The rivalry, vying for an unraveling queen Anne. Look at me, look at me. How dare you. Close your eyes. Reporter: Olivia Colman up for best actress. Emma stone and Rachel Weisz nominated too. "A star is born" up for eight oscars. ??? Tell me something boy aren't you tired trying to fill that void ??? Reporter: Bradley cooper, Lada gaga both up for oscars. Nominated for best actor and best actress. Bradley cooper has talked about the vigorous training with a voice coach. We spent you know months and months working on that voice. I think it lowered it like almost an octave. That's good. Yeah? ??? Baby it's time to let the old ways die ??? Reporter: Up against black panther -- seven nominations. The first superhero film up for best picture. I took life from my own brotrs and sisters right here on this continent. Reporter: Among the others up for best picture -- green book, black klansman, and vice. Christian bale, his portrayal of Dick Cheney. I believe we can make this work. Reporter: And Glenn close, up for best actress. The most nominated star ever, without having won. Tell me this isn't some fat joke. It's all real, darling. Reporter: In the best director category, spike Lee getting his firs nomination for black klansman. Many nominations are a first. Regina king in "If beale street could talk." That child is your grandchild, what difference does it make how he gets here? Reporter: She's among the eight actors who are first time nominees. And that moment, that surprise in Las Vegas just three weeks ago. Hey, Vegas. Reporter: Lady gaga performing, when Bradley cooper surprised the crowd. ??? Tell me something now ??? Reporter: The two will perform together again on Oscar night. ??? We're far from the shallow now ??? The oscars Sunday nig

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"\"A Star is Born\" is up for eight Oscars and \"Black Panther\" has seven nominations as the first superhero film up for Best Picture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61249244","title":"How will Sunday's Academy Awards go without a host?","url":"/WNT/video/sundays-academy-awards-host-61249244"}