Thousands of families evacuate from Gulf Coast

Parts of Southeast Texas are under mandatory evacuation orders as Laura is expected to make landfall Wednesday night as a Category 3 hurricane.
2:23 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for Thousands of families evacuate from Gulf Coast
approaches, there are states of emergency in Texas and Louisiana, including Houston. Of course, the nation's fourth-largest city with 7 million people living there. Along the coast, they are bracing for a potentially deadly storm surge, as rob said. But this hurricane is also expected to have an impact far inland, as well. ABC's Marcus Moore in galveston on that part of the story tonight. Reporter: Time is quickly running out tonight for thousands of families along the gulf coast to board up, pack up and get out. We are seeing a very long and slow line of traffic coming away from galveston island. Reporter: Hurricane Laura, a powerful storm plotting an uncertain course. Take a look, this is the line to get onto the Bolivar ferry. Reporter: Many here remembering the chaotic evacuation in 2005 ahead of hurricane Rita. It caused massive gridlock. Most of the storm's deaths were from the evacuation itself. Coastal areas are bracing for up to 13 feet of storm surge and 115 mile-an-hour winds. We don't have the resources to go door-to-door and pull people out of their homes and have no intention of doing that. Once it gets past category two, with the surge issues, there's no way I'm going to take that chance. Going to grab our dogs and family and just go. Reporter: In galveston, more than 50 residents of this nursing home evacuated with two weeks worth of supplies. With the pandemic, we were required to do two busses and half the size. Reporter: Any movement in Laura's track could take it right over Houston. The city hard hit by covid-19, forcing officials to change how they shelter families. The shelters that we are going to set up will still follow the covid protocols. We'll take people's temperatures. People still have to be social distance. Reporter: In Louisiana, where Katrina made landfall nearly 15 years ago, officials watching that track, too, hoping families remember the storm's devastating blow. You don't get a chance to leave once those waves start coming ashore. So hopefully, everybody will take the warnings seriously. Let's hope so. Let's get right to Marcus tonight, live from the beach there if galveston, and Marcus, you're under a hurricane watch there and you were just telling us they've now closed the port? Reporter: David, that port is a key route for commercial boats and also shipping containers. And here on the island, officials are hoping people heed the warnings and that they will evacuate by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest, because there's concern this storm might not make its northerly turn soon enough and it could potentially take aim at galveston. Marcus Moore, thanks to you and rob Marciano tonight.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Parts of Southeast Texas are under mandatory evacuation orders as Laura is expected to make landfall Wednesday night as a Category 3 hurricane.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72605190","title":"Thousands of families evacuate from Gulf Coast","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-families-evacuate-gulf-coast-72605190"}