Thousands march on Washington calling for racial justice

Thousands marched on the nation’s capital on Friday, the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, demanding social justice and equality.
4:25 | 08/28/20

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Transcript for Thousands march on Washington calling for racial justice
Good evening. Good to have you with us here. News on the coronavirus tonight, the case of reinfection in the U.S. The death toll after hurricane Laura, a family dying from carbon monoxide. We'll get to it all tonight. We're going to begin with the March on Washington, first planned after the killing of George Floyd on memorial day. They were there for Jacob Blake and breonna stay loer and many others. They were all demanding change today. The event at the Lincoln memorial where martin Luther king Jr. Delivered his "I have a dream" speech 57 years ago today. A sea of people urged to wear masks. Some coming from close by, others from hundreds of miles away calling for real and meaningful solutions amid deadly police shootings in this country. Among the speakers, the families of George Floyd, breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake, and heard from martin Luther king's granddaughter, saying hers will be the generation that fulfills his dream. Demonstrators marching to the memorial. Rachel Scott was there for it all and she leads us off tonight. Reporter: Gatheng at the steps of the Lincoln memorial, where martin Luther king told the country he had a dream 57 years ago. In sweltering heat, thousands of ericans from all across the country March to king's own memorial, sharing the pain of those who marched before them. I came here from heartsville, I came from Ohio for this March. It's an amazing feeling that we're in Washington, D.C. From Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. Reporter: They walked for 24 days, nearly 800 miles. The same clothes still on their backs. It's been an interesting walk. We have been called every name you can possibly think. Reporter: Tori Lowe set out from Wisconsin before a police officer shot Jacob Blake, telling me America is in a worse place than 5. Years ago. We have to get to a point in America where we address the sickness in America, which is Jacob Blake! Jacob Blake! Reporter: Blake's father here, too, speaking as his son lies paralyzed in the hospital. Every black person in the United States is going to stand up. We're tired! I'm tired! Reporter: This year's March fueled by this moment of national reckoning on race, sparked by the killing of George Floyd. I wish George were here to see this. Reporter: His brother breaking down, his sister taking We have to be the change, and we have to be his legacy. Reporter: For Alison Williams, that call is a personal one. I'm watching the tears swell in your eyes. This is very personal. Yes. I have a son. I have to give him that talk. I had to sit him down to tell him what to do in case he gets he's been stopped multiple times and every day I pray that god would put a hedge of protection around him. But it's times you guys. We've got to vote, change this country now. We can do it now, but everybody has to take a part now. Reporter: Perhaps the most stirring words from the granddaughter of martin Luther king Jr. We are going to be the generation that dismantles systemic racism once and for all, now and forever. We are going to be the generation that calling a halt to police brutality and gun violence. Reporter: A rallying cry to the youth of the nation to take up the fight. We stand and March for love, and we will fulfill my grandfather's dream. Powerful words there in Washington. Rachel, I know you have been reporting all day long. Interviews Americans who have gathered in Washington. You said there was a recurring dream, that many told you this is more than a moment, that this March is a call to action? Reporter: David, nearly every single demonstrator I spoke with today made it clear they want this moment to turn into action. They say this was about putting pressure on congress to pass police reform and ensure voting rights ahead of the November election. David? They got this March in before those darkened skies moved in. Inclement weather on the way. As they were marching we learned more today after the police shooting of Jacob

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Thousands marched on the nation’s capital on Friday, the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, demanding social justice and equality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72689885","title":"Thousands march on Washington calling for racial justice","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-march-washington-calling-racial-justice-72689885"}