Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting

The White House released an official statement that said the president’s comments were about “illegal” votes.” Currently, there has been no evidence of illegal votes or election fraud.
6:02 | 11/06/20

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Transcript for Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting
I'm president trump before the cameras just a short time ago he came out and said that. Their efforts to protect the integrity of our important election continue and this was his quote. If you count the legal vote site easily win if you count the illegal votes they can try to steal the election from us. We're to fact check this in real time for you tonight because that's not the case we don't have any evidence of illegal votes in this country. We are witnessing in a store early built because of the pandemic but that was something that was predicted for. Many weeks leading up to this election and so ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl watching it all tonight. What is the strategy of the trump campaign now. Today at the White House the marine guard was at his post outside the west wing. A sign Donald Trump was back in the Oval Office but we haven't seen much of the president since the wee hours Wednesday morning. When he angrily and falsely declared the election was rigged we were getting ready. For a big celebration. We were winning everything and all of a sudden it was just called off. The reality then and now the votes are still being counted today the president was still out of sight. Calling supporters and tweeting furiously. Twitter slapping warning labels on many of his tweets. In an effort perhaps to get around that the troop campaign released an official statement in all caps from the president. Talking about quote illegal votes and a stolen election. There is no evidence whatsoever of a legal votes or any kind of election fraud. But the president's children and some of his advisors fanned out to the key states still counting votes filing lawsuits and offering conspiracy theories. What is going on in this city. What are you hiding. Top Republican leaders in Washington stayed mostly quiet watching and waiting for the votes to be counted. For the president and his family that's infuriating. As Eric trumped tweeted tonight. Where is the GO PR voters will never forget. All right so let's bring in John Karl the White House because John we all watch a president trump spoke just moments ago we did a special report to the network. He sounded defiant he also talked about legal votes vs illegal votes and you're gonna set the record straight on that but first let's listen. President. Goes to defend the integrity of the election will not allow it corruption to steal such an important election or any election for that matter. And we can't allow silence as anybody to silence voters. And manufacture results this is a case where they're trying to steal an election they've tried to rig an election. And we can't let that happen. Our John so this is the task the difficult task in such an important moment in this country to fact check. The president but it's our responsibility because we are we've the American people really on both sides and and I know this country feels very strongly no matter who you voted for were three days in. Everyone's trying to be calm and steady but so far team has not found any evidence of illegal votes and in fact. What we're seeing is what we had predicted for weeks leading up to this election. This historic early. A vote that came in because we're in the middle of this pandemic and our country and and millions of Americans wanted to not only be safe in this election to make sure their vote counted and that's the delay that we're seeing. Absolutely and David it's important to have the time to count votes. In states where Donald Trump is behind right now in Arizona and Nevada. Accounting date may in fact help him off flip those states potentially. Put it's also important to count of votes in states where he is ahead in and made to go on the other direction and of the president's strategy at this point seems to be. Two accepts results in states he won or is winning. And to challenge and question results in states he is losing and again the point you just said is the critical one here. There is no evidence that has been presented whatsoever. To back up the wild and unfounded allegations that the president just made in the White House briefing room. Stick with us here John because again this delay I know Americans are used to this but this has been extraordinary you're really in every way as we lived through this pandemic 120 we will always remember this year. But this delay in any results for the presidential election has to do what this pandemic in this massive early built but these are all. Legal votes that are now being counted and one other phenomenon that had been predicted going into this election John that we saw play out. Was a sea of red on election night because it was believed that in person voting on Election Day. Would benefit at least early on the president that there would be a large Republican turnout and the president had. A significant turnout on Election Day the numbers are extraordinary really for both campaigns. And then we knew that as these early votes which often. Tend to. Be democratic or from urban areas we've been allowed Joseph Biden is slowly start catching up and we've seen that play out in a number of these key battlegrounds in. That's what the president is watching as well. Well and in fact terrorism expert called the red mirage there was also in some states a blue barrage Riyadh the reverse where the early vote was counted first. In those states and look what Joseph Biden was doing better than ended up doing there was a time. We're look like Joseph Biden was gonna win Ohio he was way ahead in the count and then they were counting the votes that came in on Election Day. And O Biden and Biden lost Ohio considerably. In the reverse. You see happening to reverse process and up in a state like Pennsylvania which didn't even start counting. Those mail in votes and tell Election Day it takes time David and we all knew it the president knew it his team know it. And that's excellent point John because early in the night it looked like Joseph Biden was doing very well in Ohio but then. They added that because they did the early vote right away and then got to the day vote and then Republicans caught up in the president won Ohio as he pointed out. In his briefing just moments ago but again it's the electoral map. And we've got to go state by state here Jon Karl with us again tonight John thank you we'll.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"The White House released an official statement that said the president’s comments were about “illegal” votes.” Currently, there has been no evidence of illegal votes or election fraud. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74047138","title":"Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting","url":"/WNT/video/trump-calls-supporters-twitter-makes-false-claims-vote-74047138"}