Trump promises seniors ‘will be 1st in line for the vaccine’

President Donald Trump spoke to elderly voters in Florida as he struggles to win their support this year, meanwhile Democratic candidate Joe Biden told voters Trump “lies” about COVID-19.
5:15 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Trump promises seniors ‘will be 1st in line for the vaccine’
Good evening, and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. Just 18 days until the election. Overnight, the dueling town halls. The reaction to both was immediate. Tonight, president trump back on the campaign trail in Florida, saying we are rounding the turn on the virus. Joe Biden in Michigan pointing to the numbers -- hospitalizations rising in 39 states. Arguing we're not turning the corner, that it's getting worse with the colder weather here and Americans heading back indoors. Pr knowing he needs seniors, appealing to them in Florida again today, making a new prom toys them. Joe Biden saying the scientists are warning it could get worse, we could see another wave. And tonight, the numbers across more than three dozen states. It all comes after the dueling town halls. President trump making news with what he would not say and Joe Biden making headlines on the supreme court among other issues, and making an impression by staying well after the town hall, still answering questions. Jonathan Karl leading us off tonight. Reporter: Donald Trump is in Florida today, pleading for support from seniors, a group he won easily four years ago but is struggling with this year, in part because of his handling of covid-19. Today he made them this promise. Seniors will be the first in line for the vaccine. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. We are rounding the turn. Reporter: Campaigning in Michigan today, Joe Biden shot back, saying the president is lying about a pandemic that by any measure is taking a turn for the worse. Turned the corner? My lord. It's not disappearing. In fact, it's on the rise aga. It's getting worse, as predicted. Reporter: During last night's dueling town halls, the president insisted he's long known the dangers of covid-19, but he didn't want -- today Biden said the one who paneliced was trump. And the reason he lied, again, to the American people? Well he said he didn't want to panic the American people. Americans don't panic. Donald Trump panicked. Reporter: In the first debate, president trump declined to denounce white supremacists. In the last night's town hall, he praised the fringe conspiracyists of qanon, who law enforcement warns pose a potential terror threat, and the moderator, Savannah Guthrie, challenged him to explain why he recently retweeted a wild conspiracy that Joe Biden faked the death of Osama bin laden. That was a retweet. That was an opinion of somebody. And that was a retweet. I'll put it out there. People can decide for themselves. I don't get that. You're nottensome's crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever. Reporter: One of the Navy seals who took part in the mission, a trump supporter, condemned the retweet. The thing is, he can go over to the CIA any time where there is a file cabinet with a picture of bin laden's head and my hands are in the picture. Reporter: Today, the president sent clear signals he wasn't happy with last night's forum. Another evening in paradise, I call it. Reporter: But for a president who obsesses about ratings, what really had to hurt was this -- significantly more people watched the Biden town hall than watched his. On ABC, Biden again dodged the question about whether he supports expanding the number of justices on the supreme court. No matter what answer I gave you, if I say it, that's the headline tomorrow. It won't be about what's going on now. The improper way they're proceeding. But don't voters have a right to know where you stand? They do have a right to know where I stand. They have a right to know where I stand before they vote. So you'll come out with a clear position before election day? Yes. Depending on how they handle this. Reporter: In a sign of the trump campaign's troubles, Republicans are starting to criticize him. In a call with his constituents, Nebraska senator Ben sasse said he is worried trump will lose and bring down the Republican senate, too. The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership -- the way he treats women and spends like a drunken sailor. The way he mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He's flirted with white supremacists. Reporter: And this week two of the most popular Republican governors in the country, Charlie baker of Massachusetts and Larry hogan of Maryland, announced they would not be voting for trump. Let's get right to Jon Karl live tonight from Washington. We're learning former president Obama will hit the campaign trail for the first time with a stop in Philadelphia next Wednesday for Biden. I know you're following other news coming in tonight about president trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Reports the white house was warned that Giuliani had become the target of a Russian intelligence operation? Reporter: ABC news confirmed a report first in "The Washington post" that U.S. Intelligence warned the white house that Russian operatives were trying to influence Giuliani in a bid to get him to pass misinformation to the president. This was during a time when Giuliani was traveling to Ukraine, trying to dig up dirt on the Bidens. Now to the new urgency about the coronavirus in this country

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"President Donald Trump spoke to elderly voters in Florida as he struggles to win their support this year, meanwhile Democratic candidate Joe Biden told voters Trump “lies” about COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73663468","title":"Trump promises seniors ‘will be 1st in line for the vaccine’ ","url":"/WNT/video/trump-promises-seniors-1st-line-vaccine-73663468"}