Trump staffer accuses CDC scientists of ‘sedition’ on social media

Michael Caputo, one of the Trump administration’s top communications officers, blames what he calls a “resistance unit” at the CDC for undermining the president.
2:46 | 09/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump staffer accuses CDC scientists of ‘sedition’ on social media
The news continues tonight, and to the coronavirus in the U.S. The virus now taking more than 194,000 lives, cases rising in 17 states. Outbreaks continue among young people in this country. This massive gathering near Florida state university. And tonight here, a top official at the department of health and human services going on a disturbing rant amid reports the CDC is being pressured by the trump administration to modify their reporting to better match the president's message. ABC's Steve osunsami at the CDC in Atlanta tonight. Reporter: He's already deleted the video and his entire account from social media, but in a Facebook live recording he made on Sunday, one of the trump administration's top communications advisers accuses the scientists at CDC of sedition. He's a former campaign official with zero training in public health. He confirms to us himself reports from "The New York Times" that he went on about what he calls a resistance unit at the CDC determined to undermine the president, predicting violence around the election and in this podcast, he blames Democrats. Can they actually keep the coronavirus concern ball in the air enough to drive enough destruction of our economy for them to win? Reporter: He and his team were under fire all weekend long after politico quoted from emails that showed how they were pressuring scientists to change their weekly reports on the pandemic so they were more on-message with the president. In a statement to ABC news, he explains, saying that "Our intention is to make sure that evidence, science-based data, drives policy through this pandemic. Not ulterior deep state motives in the bowels of the CDC." All of this makings it harder for scientists at the agency. The idea that politics would change what was in there totally undercuts the value of the document. That kind of behavior costs Reporter: Health officials say this is why their reports are critical. Young people at large parties who aren't getting the message. A Florida lawmaker shared these images to warn them. Honestly, like, I think we've been stuck inside for so long, we deserve to have some fun. Reporter: Police came and shut this one down at nyu. Caputo went off in his Facebook video, says he believes the president is going to win the election, that Joe Biden will fail to concede and that the president's supporters should carry their guns and buy up ammunition now, just in case. He also says that scientists here don't want America to get well until after Joe Biden is elected president. A suggestion that people who eye talk with who work here find extremely frustrating. All right, Steve osunsami.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Michael Caputo, one of the Trump administration’s top communications officers, blames what he calls a “resistance unit” at the CDC for undermining the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73008921","title":"Trump staffer accuses CDC scientists of ‘sedition’ on social media","url":"/WNT/video/trump-staffer-accuses-cdc-scientists-sedition-social-media-73008921"}