Trump talks up jobs, economy at urging of GOP leaders

The president is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds but hours before the polls opened, he cautioned anything can happen on Election Day.
3:38 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for Trump talks up jobs, economy at urging of GOP leaders
This is where we will watch it all unfold with you at home. We're on the eve of a crucial midterm election here in America. The polls razor thin tonight, and president trump knows it. Telling supporters, pretend I'm on the ballot. In so many ways, this will be a referendum on the president. The stakes are enormous. And just take a look at what will be decided, as we bring the capitol to life right here in our studio tonight. All 435 seats in the house are up for voting, and 35 seats in the senate. That's a little more than a third of the senate up for grabs. Voters in 36 states will elect governors. And two numbers to watch as we head into election night. 23 seats in the house, that's what Democrats need to take back control. They also need two seats in the senate, if they want to take control there, but that's going to be a very difficult task. With so many Democrats playing defense, trying to keep their jobs, up for election in states president trump won. It's impossible to predict, of course, how this will go, but look at this tonight. At least 36 million Americans have already voted in early voting this midterm, that dwarfs the last midterm at this point, just 20 million voted then. The energy, the interest enormous this time around. Tonight, the key raceses, where it's a fight to the finish. It is so close. And president trump now on his final push, knowing all of this will reflect on him. ABC's chief white house joernt Jonathan Karl leading us off tonight. Reporter: Urged by party leaders to focus on what they think is his strongest selling point, president trump is now talking up jobs and the economy. Republicans have created the best economy in the history of our country. Reporter: But the core of the president's closing argument is not hope, it's fear -- dark warnings about illegal immigration. Democrats are inviting caravan after caravan -- isn't that nice? -- Of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities. Reporter: There's no evidence Democrats having anything to do with the caravans of migrants fleeing violence and poverty, and they are more than 600 miles from the border. You think we're letting that caravan come into this country? You can forget it. Reporter: And now, just hours before polls open, the president is raising the specter of a stolen election. There are a lot of people, a lot of people, in my opinion, and based on proof, that try and get in illegally and actually vote illegally. Reporter: But there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and the president hasn't offered any. In fact, in 2016, "The Washington post" could only find four documented cases in the entire presidential election. President Obama, stumping for Democrats, has taken aim at president trump's falsehoods. Unlike some people, I don't just make stuff up when I'm talking. I got facts to back me up. Reporter: President trump is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds, but he's acknowledges anything can happen tomorrow. But who knows, right? Who knows? You've got to get out to vote. But who knows, the president says. He seems to know that anything can happen tomorrow night. Jon Karl with us here tonight. The president clearly knows this is a referendum on him. Reporter: Well, he's been explicit about it. Vote for me as if I'm on the ballot. A fascinating interview that just came in he did with Sinclair broadcasting, he was asked if he had any regrets over the past two years, and he said, quote, I would say tone. I would like to have had a softer tone. And he added, he maybe had no choice because of how Democrats were talking about him, but he added again, I could have been softer. Tone on the eve of the election. Reporter: Especially given the way he's ending this campaign. Jon, thank you. In the meantime, we're watching several other races

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The president is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds but hours before the polls opened, he cautioned anything can happen on Election Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58985174","title":"Trump talks up jobs, economy at urging of GOP leaders","url":"/WNT/video/trump-talks-jobs-economy-urging-gop-leaders-58985174"}