Trump: US 'totally prepared' for Hurricane Florence

He raised eyebrows when he praised his team's response to Maria, the deadliest hurricane in modern U.S. history.
2:27 | 09/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump: US 'totally prepared' for Hurricane Florence
tonight at a briefing with the FEMA doctor and homeland security chief, saying the government I kwquote, totally prepared for thishue. The president went on to talk about the RESE to year's hurricanes, saying the response T price was,te, anbsoluteng he ABC's seniorhite house correspondent Cecilia Vega night. Reporte presidentmp today sounding the alarm and promising administraon we're ready. We'ras readys anybody has ever been. They hen't seen ything like what's coming at us in 25, 30. Maybe ever. It's tremendously big and trdously wet tremendous amounts of water. Reporter: But even E prepares for the coming storm, the esident is rng eyebrows by sing his team's E last one -- to Rico's vaing rricane maa. I actually think it was one he best Jo that's ever been done. Reporter: The president noring theact that MARIA W thdeadliest hurricane in modern think puerico was inc Puerto Rico was an incredible . Rter: H resnse cane victims. And sitting to Puerto Rico's governor, he declared MARIA's destruction far short of hurricane Katrina's. Andou look at themendous hdreds of people what your death countof is moment? 17 6 16 people, rtified. 16 people, versus in the thousands. You ca very proud Rorter: Theeath toll was ultimatelytaggering, nearly now, as P the natn brace fnother potentiadisaster, the maof San Juan telling ABC ne, "He never got it L never geit."ght, Cecilia Vega livehouse. Anou did ask him what his stage for amerins in the path ofurricane is, what did he say? Reporter: David, he said everybody should get out. You hao listen tor loc authorities. We know that fem is closely with state goors. Het the whi Y monitoring this storm the clbut you heard the preside that prose today David, they say, he says the rnment is ready.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"He raised eyebrows when he praised his team's response to Maria, the deadliest hurricane in modern U.S. history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57755572","title":"Trump: US 'totally prepared' for Hurricane Florence","url":"/WNT/video/trump-us-totally-prepared-hurricane-florence-57755572"}