Unrest grows over Breonna Taylor case

Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets across the country following the announcement that no police officer will be directly charged in Taylor’s killing.
2:44 | 09/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unrest grows over Breonna Taylor case
Now to growing unrest in the breonna Taylor case. Protesters across the country demanding justice, angry no police officers will be directly charged with her killing. Kentucky's attorney general under growing scrutiny for his handling of the case. A judge now ordered to release the grand jury transcripts. ABC's Trevor Ault is in Louisville. Reporter: Tonight, relentless cries of justice for breonna Taylor. Protests stretching from coast to coast -- leading to several violent confrontations. In Louisville, at least 28 arrested overnight as calls increase to make the grand jury transcript public following the decision not to indict the officers in breonna's death. State attorney general Daniel Cameron claiming Wednesday breonna's boyfriend Kenneth walker shot a Louisville police officer in that botched raid. Kenneth walker fired the shot that hit sergeant Mattingly. The round that struck sergeant Mattingly was fired from an 9 millimeter handgun. The LMPD fired 40 millimeters handgun. Reporter: But a state ballistic report obtained by ABC news said the shot that hit the officer was "Neither identified or eliminated from having been fired" from Kenneth walker's gun. The FBI conducted a separate ballistics test. But those results are still not public. The Kentucky state police's own ballistics' report could not determine that Kenny's shot is who hit officer Mattingly. Reporter: Cameron also said evidence shows police identified themselves before entering breonna's apartment. The officers' statements about their announcement are corroborated by an independent witness. Reporter: But walker's attorneys say that witness changed his story. Only saying police identified themselves two months after the fact. Vice news reporting this recording of that neighbor speaking with investigators a week after breonna's death. Did you ever hear anyone identify themselves as police? No, nobody identified themselves. Reporter: ABC news has not independently authenticated that audio. Walker's attorneys also claim at least 11 other neighbors said the officers burst into breonna's apartment "Without identifying themselves." Is this the only person out of her apartment complex that he allowed to testify before the grand jury? That doesn't seem like you're fighting for breonna. Reporter: The state attorney general has not responded to our request for comment, he has said he won't release the grand jury transcript because of a pending trial and FBI investigation, Tom. Trevor, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets across the country following the announcement that no police officer will be directly charged in Taylor’s killing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73280421","title":"Unrest grows over Breonna Taylor case","url":"/WNT/video/unrest-grows-breonna-taylor-case-73280421"}