US-made pen company celebrates 50 years of journeying to space

Fisher Space Pens are made in Boulder City, Nevada, by about 65 workers.
3:04 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for US-made pen company celebrates 50 years of journeying to space
And finally tonight here made in America depends made right here outside Las Vegas and I finally have one. It tell you they're out of this world. Lift off we have looked up. October 10 1968. Apollo seven off to a good start Apollo seven taking flight. On board three American astronauts and one brand new American invention white beard ousted up Walt Cunningham hands. A Fisher space pen. At one year later or. How rap fans stepped up the mood they used a Fisher space and to document the discovery. Are. You have to come to Nevada deceive the famous Fisher space. Right actually brought one what do you this is the original astronauts face band is on all manned space flights even has. That'll. My own pictures base for him my game right here audit. And fifty years later a sense of pride tonight exodus will put Apollo 7 NEWS this marks fifty years in space for us it was carries debt Paul Fischer. Who invented the pan in 1966. He was already the ball point pen business but was convinced he could do better. Original bathroom. Just flowers whose job front tried. Transfer signature. Two weeks later would pump for him. So they were just off I mean you can still do that today with hands that they're still have a mass. Not yourself. Paul Fischer invented his patent pressurized ink cartridge reducing nitrogen sealing the ink. Doesn't reliant gravity to predicting down right exists and it took fifteen below 0400. Degrees above. So it worked just fine in this Nevada Qaeda 109 today. If you can see right here Boulder City, Nevada. USS thirty miles outside Las Vegas 65 workers making up to 30000 cans a day family and friends love. Faces wouldn't it shocking today. Little hopeful they've sitting. Every American. First the stainless steel cut it to be split tips each batch check under a microscope before being clean did sit here. Which are attached to fisheries pact it's pressurized ink cartridge. Head over to assembly each one by hand. Terrell woman on the line for 21 years rental family. Probably holding up whatever duly completed pens then picked up by Oswaldo for packaging. New hire it turns out all those years ago they had donated a few hundred pans to the Russians for the cosmonauts a goodwill gesture the Russians to use the pan. So to paying for an out right. And a I'm looking up from in America makes and making money out of its base. A fifty year old made it America idea still selling more than a billion pens around the world. Every year 1966 and it still blowing my mind I expect that all these here's later. A. Fifty years and we wish for fifty more. I'm David Muir I see you right back here tomorrow night until then it.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Fisher Space Pens are made in Boulder City, Nevada, by about 65 workers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56185171","title":"US-made pen company celebrates 50 years of journeying to space","url":"/WNT/video/us-made-pen-company-celebrates-50-years-journeying-56185171"}