Victims of DC Mansion Murder Laid to Rest

Defense attorney says authorities have the wrong man, Daron Wint, who maintains his innocence.
1:53 | 06/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victims of DC Mansion Murder Laid to Rest
There are new developments tonight in the case of that family murdered their homes set on fire the mother and father their young son housekeeper all killed inside that home. This evening the victims laid to rest the daughters who survived away at school at the time surrounded by loved ones. And tonight there is new focus on that surveillance tape the figure captured on it and the attorney who now says authorities. Have the wrong map here's ABC's Ryan Smith. Tonight hundreds of friends and family grieving the loss of some awesome Koppel is his wife Amy and their ten year old son Philip. Brutally killed along with their housekeeper. Teenagers. Carrying the smallest asking just moments ago the surviving family members lined up with others as the hearses carried those coffins to the cemetery. The suspect deer and wind arrested in connection with their killing now professing his innocence says his former lawyer after meeting with him in jail. He is resolute. In the belief and I hope I also harbor the same belief that he wouldn't kill anybody. The lawyer has not yet been retained by wind has not seen the evidence nor would he comment on whether wins has an alibi. But he challenges some of the evidence police have collected like wins DNA found on a pizza crust in the home. Saying wind doesn't even like pizza and he claims about the police they lied when he said that he was the man in the video but police insist the wind is in this video running from the families Byrd reports shortly after the home was set on fire. Winds once workforce about lewis' steel manufacturing company. But left over a decade ago he had nothing against the deceased man. After the service today the fan we stood close together on the church steps watching their loved ones passed by one final time. Ryan Smith ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Defense attorney says authorities have the wrong man, Daron Wint, who maintains his innocence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31457226","title":"Victims of DC Mansion Murder Laid to Rest","url":"/WNT/video/victims-dc-mansion-murder-laid-rest-31457226"}