Wild weather slams the country from coast to coast

Another winter storm is developing that will have residents from Colorado to Maine bracing for more dangerous weather.
2:59 | 03/02/19

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Transcript for Wild weather slams the country from coast to coast
And we begin tonight with the massive snow and rainmaker sweeping across the country. Some 200 million in its path. Part of a series of storms making for hazardous driving conditions. There in the northern midwest. This later led to the destruction in South Carolina. The national weather service confirming an official tornado plowing down this residential storm. Major moisture from the pacific and gulf coast barreling toward the northeast. Where mrls still dg bing out. The new round of rough weather expected to hit hard in Denver as it moves across the country and that's where ABC's Clayton Sandell is starting us off. Reporter: March is roaring in like a lion. Millions across the country with barely enough time to dig out before the next round hits. The big apple waking up to this today. This New York City street turned into an obstacle course. Similar snowy scenes in Connecticut. And in New Jersey, this car struggling to get traction. In Pennsylvania, icy conditions are being blamed for this 11-vehicle crash on route 202. These cars totaled. New England also slammed. A half foot of snow in Boston with more on the way. Some people think come March winter's over. Sometimes March it comes in with a vengeance. Reporter: And this roof of this building collapsing under the weight of the snow. To the south, the same system spawning an ef-1 tornado in abbeville, South Carolina. 85-mile-per-hour winds toppling trees and power lines. This home turned inside out. Tonight, millions from Colorado to Maine bracing as another powerful storm moves in. And Clayton joins us live in Denver. Clayton, two systems colliding over your area bringing both widespread snow and bitter cold? Reporter: That's right, Tom. We're just getting the first flakes of snow here in the Denver area. But overnight, this area could even more the mountains, 2 feet maybe before this system quickly moves east. Senior meteorologist rob Marciano standing by in a very snowy central park tonight. With the latest forecast. Rob, good evening. Reporter: Good evening, Tom. We had this first round of snow this morning. But this next storm is moving quickly pounding much of the west right now. Winter storm warnings are up for Denver as it exits the rocky mountains, winter storm watches for the northeast. The snows will fire through the plains. By noon, severe thunderstorms across the southeast. We could see some tornadoes, certainly some damaging winds across the Carolina and Georgia. Snow reaches into D.C., philly and New York by 8:00 P.M. Tomorrow night. It does move quickly. Still in Boston, for the Monday rush, look at these numbers for a March snowfall. Good swath of 3 to 6. Anywhere from 6 to 12 inland. That's a plowable high-impact event. Rob, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Another winter storm is developing that will have residents from Colorado to Maine bracing for more dangerous weather. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61433111","title":"Wild weather slams the country from coast to coast","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weather-slams-country-coast-coast-61433111"}