Winter storm bringing whiteout conditions from Colorado to Dakotas

Near Denver, one interstate was shut down by authorities so first responders could rescue motorists stranded in a "bomb cyclone" blizzard.
3:31 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Winter storm bringing whiteout conditions from Colorado to Dakotas
authorities are calling potential life-threatening situation across several states tonight. Blizzard conditions. Winds up to 80 miles an hour the gusts have been reported. We just learned that Colorado state trooper has now been killed. Look at this tonight, powerful winds blowing this there truck off of the highway. And spotting isolated tornadoes tonight. This one spotted in New Mexico. Grounding all flights out and in of Denver tonight. We have the track of this storm as it then moves east. ABC's Clayton Sandell near the Denver tonight. Reporter: Tonight, a monster winter storm is on the move. Bringing whiteout conditions from Colorado into the dakotas. Okay, it's about noon. We are just east of Denver and the blizzard conditions have definitely kicked in. Visibility here is virtually zero. In Colorado, parts of interstate 70 and 25 clogged by crashes are shut down. There are dozens if not hundreds of motorists stranded here on I-70 and the wind gusts are unbelievable. Reporter: It's all thanks to a rare winter storm, they call it a bomb cyclone because the pressure drops so quickly. The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm. Here at the airport, we're seeing gusts of 80 miles per hour. All six runways closed at Denver's airport. More than 1,300 flights canceled. I grew up in New Orleans and I have seen a hurricane. This is a snowicane. Reporter: In parts of Texas, winds gusting above 70 miles per Oh, my god! Reporter: Causing this semi to overturn. Oh, my goodness! Reporter: Ripping off a warehouse roof. And tossing airplanes like toys. Even overturning this home. Injuring a person inside. In New Mexico, two reported tornadoes Thursday. Near Logan, a rackable sight. Clayton joins us from a very windy scene there near the Denver airport. So many drivers stranded. The governor declaring a state of emergency at this hour. That's right, David, you can see just how bad the conditions are. All the cars on this highway they are going nowhere fast. As you mentioned just a few minutes ago we learned that a Colorado state patrol trooper who was responding to one of the he accidents today was hit by a car and was killed. All right, stay away from that traffic right there, Clayton. Thanks for your report and let's get right to senior meteorologist rob Marciano tracking this storm as it moves across the country. David, this is a rare and record-breaking storm for Colorado. Now center in Kansas. The wind is still whipping across Denver. It's the wind field that's been most remarkable. Wichita, Kansas City, maybe some flooding with that rain on top of the melting snow many Minnesota and Iowa. Wind and rain there. This does weakens as it heads off to the east. The wind will be here in the east. This is an epic storm. Rob, thank you. Next tonight here to new fallout from that college

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Near Denver, one interstate was shut down by authorities so first responders could rescue motorists stranded in a \"bomb cyclone\" blizzard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61666481","title":"Winter storm bringing whiteout conditions from Colorado to Dakotas","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-bringing-whiteout-conditions-colorado-dakotas-61666481"}