Women Make History by Completing Army Ranger Training

1:47 | 08/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women Make History by Completing Army Ranger Training
22 women making military history in this country to first to complete the grueling physical and mental training and to qualify as army Rangers but now this question tonight. After achieving this feat should they be able to serve. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz with what those women had to endure every step of the way to qualifies Rangers. Thank. It is the legendary. Horse. Bid to bruise. Blister lets low and. Three Q. English who is the absolute toughest whose main course military. Not not just an army I think I think military. And this is the first year ever that women were allowed. First phase requiring 49 pushups 59 sit up six chin ups and a five mile run in no more than forty minutes. Of the last face it the snake infested swamps of Florida. Twenty hour days. Grew only obstacle courses and hikes with fifty pounds of gear that in the end equaled that distance from Boston to New York City. Female students are doing the same thing as a male students we just consider mall ranger students. Only two out of five male soldiers ever make it through. But this Friday when this historic range of class graduates. To women will be there proudly wearing the ranger task. Really incredible feat Martha with a slot tonight but Martha even though these women have passed a grueling ranger course went to they find out of they'll be allowed to serve as Rangers. Well this services are still doing assessments of integrating women. And the secretary of defense will decide around the beginning of the next year if all combat roles will be open to them but a big step this week to right mark around it's always great to have you mark the thing.

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