What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want black student athlete kneeling during game

In New York and Kentucky, a black student athlete, inspired by Colin Kaepernick's kneeling, wants to kneel during the National Anthem. His coach tells him he's off the team if he does.
3:00 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want black student athlete kneeling during game
Playbo is not the only T I want to talk Abo I hed plan on taking a knee during the nato anthem this season. Yecoach. To stand upgainst racism. Ilentacti. In 2016 -- Quarterback choosing a new form of protest. Th football star kneeling during last nighs natiol anthem. A very ld reaction. A wavef NFL members to coast, entire teams king Nowhe debateseati up. Just this week,e takingsides. Don ask if your are crazy. As ifhey are crazyenough. Revealing their just do it campaign firing Kaepernick. Critic reag bdestroying gear, usi theurnit. I don'tike what nikedid. I don't K it's appropriate. Honor tag. The movement causing repercussions from the NFL hihool. Two high school footb players at a private school in national anthem. Polit ho P on the Jacob. I'm tellinght nowou're required stand. Ou would kp me from lie in. Taking a during the nation anthem. That turnedhe mos P sport, football, into it most polarizing. You're out to lunch when you hear ach Ang with his team captain over take a knee. What would you ? I believe this is an opportunity toetown And with the newedfl season uer way, we're ING the same scene two differentplaces, theew Yo -- I don't have the right to free speech? Don't think you understd. Frdom isn't free. Standingp for our country -- And rdstown, kentuck where these two grabbing Lu Those sco looking at you. You to stay focused, man. I need to talk to you about something. A conetween our coach and his star player veers away from the game. I haven hring thayou wa to take a knee during the me and I'm not happy that. They tune right in. Why would you wan to kneel during T a Because it shows that we're stngp against police brutality. Tstay silen as our coasues the ultimatum. I havehe right to kick youteam. Are you ses? Hecoach storms out -- F here. Americans have the freedom of something. I mean, I understand you're ING . She lets him is on his Ictually thk it's goo I disagree. Ink Y're dicting the is time and place to show what yoending for, I don't thk pecting the flag is part of it. Urns out this couple is just asestth country. That's set that's very strong me. Yeah, but to M that' disrespecting the flag. That's how you draw attention to things,eaceful protest. Yesma'am.hen our cch returns -- Freedom oession, it's the United States of America. He brp a question. E Youn military, sir? Weh were T Navy veteransnosite sides of the issue. Are other way of showing P he beeves in it. Know why they are doingit, and theeason Ty are doing it because of the horrible that they areated by the police. So I agree with that. They're drawingttention T it. Time to D mor attention. H are you guys?way. Oh, my gosh. Ve a divide table here. Two people whoe Yes. Nothing changes if nobody stands up in what they believe. You hav the opposite view? Yes. I ink that he isesing E It's a silent protes we're not doinythingwrong. You do it, you'll be off theteam. This couple listens to the ply play. You're disrespecting the flag, military,verything it stands for. Y don't understand me, H. Don't LIV in my skin. And they decide to share their T of view. I aee that yoha a right to protest, and I get that all these adultshat you guys are supposed up to areoi E things, bu D it in a different place. I don't agree with any of it. And sis that fought and died for us, man. Have nothing against the try or the . I have nothi against T milita or the flagtelling meou don't lieve in America, became of our psident? If you he is dog, I understand that, but you can't kneel to the flag. HOL hold you hand on your heart and you standp and yk at it the whole time keep you hand on that heart. Yo kne on E ground. I'm disappointed, buddy. How you guys "Whould you D" I watch show all time. Yave some strong feelings. I S bh sides, but I think the platform he is taking is won platform You don't see both sides? See tflag. I see mythersnd srs and they fought and died F ouruntry. That's O our cameras continue ring -- re are many otherays to voice your opinion ones. You will be hurting yourseln th long kentuckians believe that R uld stand for the em. F you want to voice opdther way. Others have moreideas. My suggestion, find a to make changes, just a statement. To work some way withuth, to work policpartment. Back in the bronx, W roll at diner, and our a Jamari, is hearing something similar. You are entitle to kneel if you want to because that is your right. A lot of people just follow, but th don know the history behind anything. I'm doing this F my P No, no, no U're N doing for me. I'll tel you why you're not doing it me. There are otways I can protest. I can write letters. I can go tnches and stuff like that. Buter friend? Sh cllenges the coach. Anyone who kneels is gone. Just because he is in a ts team doesmean his beliefsilent.I don't believe his belief shouldeelined bec of it. This causacklash of th it all away. People are looking at that St maybe once youov up, you C help more. But get T solarship fit. Move up first. We're stinew York and we're rolling again. The righto speech? Sure. F the you take a knee, you're gone. Off the team. You would kick me off the team this? Of my business, B you shout even be in that type of position. Theyecide tt involved Fedom of speech evybody, and you can't do anything but believe he is Wil to throw away his whole future becaof this riculous use. T only youould be G him off the team. Sometimes some hardest decisions have to make is ma make E call on their and takina knee, that says a his aracter, and that says a lotou as a coach. It turns out this ter is so a coach nd she offers her very own Lesso Aa Ack man who walkthet, whether ot he gets kicked off your team not, tt knee is going to get Ken becau he believes in what's right. When O C STO off -- I'm done with is. -- They continue to lend the sut his coa refuses to give. You're notrtingtroue. You're not starting a riot. I think you should stand by your truth. Some of E hardestions need to be made come W consequences. Oh my god. How a doing? I couldn't hr a coach thing lik that. When you work with children, it's about build them up and not bre them down. Here are S that have been throughelf W yoeither stay quiet or fightto defend yourself. That's the world we live in. You applaud what this young man was Absolu stanby your decision100%. We decide to thingsup I don'tnderstand WOU

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In New York and Kentucky, a black student athlete, inspired by Colin Kaepernick's kneeling, wants to kneel during the National Anthem. His coach tells him he's off the team if he does.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57684612","title":"What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want black student athlete kneeling during game","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/coach-black-student-athlete-kneeling-game-57684612"}