What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want white student athlete kneeling during game

A white student athlete tells his coach he plans to kneel in solidarity during the Anthem, like Colin Kaepernick did, which angers the coach. What will New Yorkers and Kentuckians say?
8:11 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want white student athlete kneeling during game
Our hidden cameras are still lling, and Jacob and Jama's ans to protest by take anee at their football G H spng reactions, keucky. Ou can't kneel to the flag, Erica. And in New York D-- Ye not starng trble or a Rio Now they're switching up formation. It would takee player to see tngs change You see black players taking a knee, buttbout their white teammates who are supporting them? C long answered call. UT his arm arounje suppt of the nional anthem. I suppof Y don't E why Y needs lehting F equality right now, I don't think you will ever . Winers do wn they witness H school footba coach butting heads over the issue with his wh teamaptain? I don't understand why you want to kneel. It doesn't evenff yout all. You're theseustomers are passing bardstown,kentucky. Kneing with them in Darity. Kneine national an T - anthem is like stomping on the flag. T's not like that, G te men's room. F or you'll be off my Man leans in. It'smerican pride. Would be very, very use if my grandchildren were in your positionnow, deciding totake a kn. I don't think either of us ve reallyeen througat the africaericans ha B through. We're all Americans. Now the player excuses himsf. I'm out of here. I'm going find mcoach. And the coachretus. Disagreed what he is trying to did - do. I feel like he ismping on E flag. You just don't do that. Do you unrstand what he is trying to stand for thou I don't get it. You don't get? No. Hi T. Ho are you? We're with a TV sh called hat would you do?" Good to meet you. E were both scachers, and when the whole situation STD over I just, Y . I omantly Abo the situation with taking a kn, anur whole cou H just lost so much resp nd now we're back in th bronx, newyork What do you think I should do? Just tbo your career. Think Abo it. It's important. Support yr family. I want to take a hibout your backup plan for yr career then. The C counties lenging his star athlete. This is to the flag, Anthony, period. I rct T flag. It has nothing to do withat. Just- I just think this has stuff that we nd to work on. It's ah. Ou're a white kid. Why are you sportthe black player Whyre you supporting the blacks? I N't get . Because he's white? These men help bpup. Ewith need more wte people. Exactly what he's doing. Aking the knees and TAKG a stand. Acting as the ayer's dense. I know I'm white, but Ian to help mymmates. Doesn't matter. Doesn't Matt it H nothing to Dok Spanish. 'M trying to prote you. E back. You suld talk to your each thg to throu N. Ynderstandhere I'm coming from, T? 100%. Day. All right. Break it? Hi guys. How are you doing? How Yo doing, brother? M our business. This ishat happen when you are in the bronx. The facts wte kid.whhavethout? I thought THA white, we need more people lik him feel that and stand up. EP millions because he felt that way, a as he I half white, half black, he that's something that was in his heart. That'sn the X, but in kentky, what wlhe reaction be from this husband wifeboth forme Marines? When wasmilitary, that does offend me time, knee isuper disrespel. With thetassionate argument support the coach and condemning the er's protest. Evybas fought for your freedom able T that, to kneel on thatfield. Ry to bite my tongue on it. I N't. I an can't. That I just you rou eyes one more time, plse stop. Sorry. I'm not rolling my eyes. That knee for the national anthe isike setting in myface. To all the men and women who have sacrificed R havedi is who you a kneeling on. Please, think long hard on doin T it because se is doing it. Lete. Let's do it. Hi ere. W are you? Hi.how you G? O a TV show called "What would would I ? They are actors. Yououldn'telhime in, right? Couldn't. I tried to bite my tongue at first and I J Were you in the milit too? Yes. Wheyou see those football players that knee dg thnanthem -- Wel it's heartbreaking. I don'think they K why they are doing it. I feel likehey don K what they are doingthe rest O us that areving our county. You get to picknd ch rightsou fight for. That is a rigor , a they can protest howou want, you know,ut just be mindful how does afct, you ow, other peopl For ourast scene we're in then WHE we switch back to Jamari, fhom this iue hi closer to home. Is sending upor what's right for police brutality against black Americans, people ke me -- You're being extremely foolish. You don't know what it's like to be I skin Oh, ts ridiculous As our coach leaves, this woman seizes her opportunity to step in. Wher's there for you to have it. If your heart tells you to D that,o anothe little boy will be watching you and T by your actions. Bring the coachin. When E coach returns, her joins hn G M head-on. He haso stake stance for what he wants to take efor.you're not thinking about his perspective. As a young bla student young black males are under attack right now. It's an amazing that he is arless enoh to say that he has an open be you shoul kneel with him because at the end of E day,e might need we might need SNE like you. He has to do what's rig F himnindividual. He has aiven right T express his oughts. How are young? He is an actor. What? Oh my god. People say is an insult to the military and tou flag, and politics should be out sports Politics areeverywhe. Mean, I don't think you can avoiit. Yot the fact that there is a lot O stuff going right now our society, aroundfrican-american les pa Bng lost out of aholarship? The will be other scholarships and he'll inspire others too. You know?s. Youid such a great Jo To take a kneer T? From north tosouth,impassionedreactionsn both sides, and with the NFL season U way, it's a good bet T debate might well go into overtime.

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{"duration":"8:11","description":"A white student athlete tells his coach he plans to kneel in solidarity during the Anthem, like Colin Kaepernick did, which angers the coach. What will New Yorkers and Kentuckians say?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57684613","title":"What Would You Do: Coach doesn't want white student athlete kneeling during game","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/coach-white-student-athlete-kneeling-game-57684613"}