What Would You Do: Diners become upset over OCD waiter

A waiter's obsessive compulsive disorder is upsetting a pair of diners who say it is affecting their dining experience. How will others react?
7:28 | 07/29/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Diners become upset over OCD waiter
Oh I. I hate coming. Finally. As a category three table it's great. Should looks and if you want me to move your duty for tabling the end now at this time. OK you said he had no tonight just I need to be sure that you're sure because I can look at a table let's find you know that the bitterly. Until Scott snow and you can. Talks that ended hearsay then I think it's going to be serving booting you would get saved. Everyone gets signal from my cat. Dude how are you crazy mellow he's not crazy he's just showing the classic signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Counting up constant need for reassurance and excessive worrying. Most CD is a mental illness that causes uncontrollable. And a recurring thoughts and behavior does. If you saw waiter being taunted and simply because he has hope CD. What would you do it I'd like to hop summit this week to get together here's therapies grade. I. Flowers hidden cameras are rolling at colonial diner and he's Brunswick New Jersey. I guess they're filling yeah usually start at just hospitality shown to households and a half hour. Our waiter John Mark goes as excessive worrying sorry absurd and does not go unnoticed. Do what is your deal. I am so seeding. Texas compulsive disorder. So good hey you know mental illness or your crazy what exactly is going and it's and it's a mental illness and mental illness and you're here workings in the where Rudy as he defends the waiter. This former waitress is out of her seat and offers to help oh yeah yeah sorry I just record. I actually ended. I'm sorry stereo and comes and without missing a beat she grabs a different men and goes to work. I'm addressing just your regular. Thanks. It's and they have a. Miley you know. Eileen you. That's his job good. Cities. And while they had no problems speaking out this woman watches quietly until she's overcome with the emotion. And hurries away in tears. And but when she returns. Very emotional reaction makes sense after she tells us this. I have those who is now. Risk. How does it manifests itself and not everything. A lot of fun repetition can thank. What do you want people to know of a mental illness that. We're normal people. We go to work we can't it's no lesser than any disease of the bodies is a disease of the brain. We're rolling again. What's wrong sorry I can't think of it for pictures of sort of OC BV news value working here inevitably people. Found myself that's true maybe you should try therapy. We're. OK so. This woman knows what it's like to live with a disability and that shapes what she tells the manager. Police and witnesses. Say thank you for them and I feel for him to. Excellent like standing next and then let that person they feel. He has a CD I'm trying to give him a chance yeah I know what's very. It's called single letter. I'm living on the NBC news. You're tar and yes and I don't want to tell her be easy on him. But this can tell that she wanted to get their meals and I felt like he was silly trying and I found fossil fish for him. 00. I think that's me I can't get a plain meaning campaign. Well today people are very willing to defend our waiter who's suffering from OCDs. What is wrong few men. Why. But no one comes to his rescue squad like Lin Dunn and her mother let me. Ask. Sounds thank you. I kicking you know and I just can't pick up offensive. And I was getting a bit. It's Morgan restaurant I know you just got germs aren't hitting them. I'm sorry I'm sorry if it's. She's being very calm and very very relieved. Pontbriand very happy perfect. Occasion I have so many okay wow. Knows he's being very real. He shouldn't I don't know I don't know I'll attending Indiana at a wal. Vacation days I have no. And honor him and I can't even. Forget so yeah sorry yourself out different time wow you're gonna lose more business in this one for you. Yeah. But I say I was. This really. Donahoe talk a little man yeah some harm to hand. I besides I want to yeah. We all have our shortcomings you all have feelings that we need to try to feel laugh and I. It's. And then when being really belligerent. If you need to fine. You know I'm whose. On wall yeah. Crisis yes it does that. Then the gunmen thing. Please explain you let us know my car is. Are you okay it's so wonderful. Viewers Soss sued to this young man. What were you telling him with the embrace that it was okay then and now we were here for him. What they did was wrong he did nothing. I just take tolerance I know we all have to understand the world different. It's seems the source of pride in telling me the car yeah.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"A waiter's obsessive compulsive disorder is upsetting a pair of diners who say it is affecting their dining experience. How will others react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"48915437","title":"What Would You Do: Diners become upset over OCD waiter","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/diners-upset-ocd-waiter-48915437"}