What Would You Do: Drunk bus driver plans to pick students up from a field trip

An intoxicated school bus driver enjoys a drink at the bar. From there, he plans to pick students up from a field trip. How will people respond? Watch what happens.
6:29 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Drunk bus driver plans to pick students up from a field trip
Reporter: Brian is having a liquid lunch. Can I get another? You've had enough. Do you want me to call you a ride? No need, I can just take the bus. You good? I'm good. Reporter: There's only one problem. That bus? Well, it's a school bus. And Brian -- he's the driver. It's a terrifying scenario that happens, tragically, all too often. A story that will make your blood boil. A school bus driver in westchester county with a bus load of kids arrested for driving drunk. School bus driver is accused of driving drunk. School kids from upstate New York were scared for their lives when their drunk school bus driver took them on a terrifying ride. Stop, stop. You got to stop! Reporter: If you saw a school bus driver making an alcohol-fueled pit stop before picking up his precious cargo -- what would you do? We're at the blue moon Mexican cafe in englewood, New Jersey, where, right away, our actor's intoxicating behavior -- Oh -- Reporter: Gets the attention of these two women. I want one more. Reporter: Brian asks for another shot. One more before I get the kids. Reporter: With that, she's up on here feet, sounding the alarm. I don't think anybody should be letting him drive. I'm cutting him off. He's already, like, falling over on his chair. I didn't see him fall. Yeah, the chair was, like, wobbling, he had to catch it. So, I don't think he should be driving a bus. Reporter: As our driver heads out, she serves her opinion straight up. She's actually stopping him. You're not driving a school bus, are you? That's mine right there. You don't seem like you can be driving. I'm good. It looks like you've already had a few, and you've been dropping your keys. Why don't you have some coffee before you leave? I don't like coffee. I -- I -- Yes, but you can't be driving. Kids are on a field trip. I got to pick up. No. Reporter: Now she makes sure our driver is going nowhere. You cannot be driving a bus with children in it. There's no children in the bus now. Yes, but -- You're going to get them. No. You want to see my license? No, it doesn't matter if you have a license. Reporter: I'm johcaf Quinones. You took those keys. I did. Reporter: Wow. Why were you so adamant? Because he can't be picking up children. He can't be driving. Reporter: You weren't going to let him behind that wheel. No, someone has to step up and do something. You can't just sit there and do nothing. Reporter: Back inside the bar -- I can't. I got to go to work. I'm going to work! I know. I'm worried about you. Reporter: This man politely makes conversation with our drunk driver. You're driving that school bus? Uh, field trip today. I got to wait until they call me, you know? How old are the kids? These ones, ah, 6, 7. What's first grade? Yeah, probably 6, 7. Yeah. Reporter: But he's about to give him a shot of reality.ink it's a good idea to drive a school bus and be at the bar? Yeah, it's like a lunch break. Those are someone's kids. What? You're responsible for someone's kids. What do you do? Ah -- point know, but my brother's a cop. Be careful. Yeah. I'll be right back. Hey, where you going, buddy? Reporter: He runs out to find the cops. Time to tell him they already know we're here. Reporter: You bolted out of here, right? Yeah. Reporter: To tell the cops? I said, "Uh, hang on. I got to take a call." And I know I saw a police officer up and down the street. I ran two blocks down the street, I said, "Hey, I need you to keep an eye on this school bus." Reporter: You weren't going to let him out? That was pretty scary. Reporter: Throughout the day, we find many customers that just won't give our driver a pass. This guy confronts of driver head on. Going to pick up kids, you shouldn't be drinking? I've been doing this for years. That don't matter, man. That ain't safe. Reporter: As our driver heads for the door -- That dude is Whacked out at 12:00 in the after. Reporter: He can't stay seated any longer. That guy is about to drive a bus with kids. Reporter: He even gets out his phone to dial 911. I would have went and stood behind the bus. I wouldn't let that guy leave. There's no way. Reporter: And these moms are upset by what's brewing. We can't let him drive a nch of kids. If that were my kid, you know? My goodness. Reporter: A visceral maternal reaction that soon has them calling the cops, as well. 911, what is your emergency? Hi, I need to make an urgent report. There's a bus driver and he is completely wasted. He's going to the car now? Yes. Reporter: Hi, guys. The police already know. You okay? You scared the hell out of me! Reporter: You got tears in your eyes. Yes. It's a real issue, you know, car accidents are really bad in this area. I mean, everywhere, but especially in this area, we're both moms. Reporter: Can you imagine if he was really drunk and got behind the wheel? That's what we're trying to figure out, can we pull up her car behind him? I would be concerned for the kulds, but also, anyone out there is going to be in danger if he got in the bus. Put it on my tab. I need one more. Reporter: We give it one more ud. Then, this call comes in. Yeah? I'm going to pick up in the same spot, in front of the museum. There's 14 -- 14 kids, so, count them, little brats. Yes. I will be there -- I will be there. Reporter: And this woman, well, she's not having any of Don't go out. What? Please? I said, don't go out. I have to pick up the kids. Yeah, and you're drunk. They're in front of the museum, someone's got to be there. Not you. You're obviously drunk and you can't go pick up kids. Reporter: Lay Lady, I drink all the time. The kids need a driver. Well, it's not going to be you. Reporter: Then, for second time today, his keeps get snatched away. Can I have my keys? No. Give it to the manager. Come on. Dangerous. We're going to have to call the cops. We don't want you to get hurt. Reporter: I'm John Quinones. Oh, my god. I almost started crying, when I was over there talking to him. Reporter: Why get involved? I just couldn't believe that somebody was going to be drunk and driving and have kids in the car with them. Reporter: Because of course, F he got into that bus, right? Yeah. I wasn't going to let him go out the door. Reporter: Do you have kids? Right here.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"An intoxicated school bus driver enjoys a drink at the bar. From there, he plans to pick students up from a field trip. How will people respond? Watch what happens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"55250654","title":"What Would You Do: Drunk bus driver plans to pick students up from a field trip","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/drunk-bus-driver-plans-pick-students-field-trip-55250654"}