'What Would You Do?': Does mom go too far to get picky kids to clean their plates?

A mom is overheard in a diner demanding her kids eat their lunch, vegetables and all. Do customers agree with her strict approach or cover for the kids who toss their meals while mom isn’t looking?
7:30 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Does mom go too far to get picky kids to clean their plates?
Arralyn, Oliver, we've been through this before. I need you to eat your vegetables! Do we have to? Yes, you do. But mom, I don't like them! You're going to eat them or we're not going anywhere. Almost every parent has been there. But now, science is saying this mom, and parents all over, may be doing it wrong. New research shows forcing little kids to eat food they don't like won't change their weight or whether they develop picky eating habits later. I'm not having it. Just a little. Inside the Jefferson diner, it's lunchtime. And our peeved parent won't back down. I said eat. You're out for a bite when you see a mom forcing her kids to eat everything on their plates. I'm going to the bathroom and these vegetables better be finished by the time I get back. Do you agree with her strict approach? Every bite! Or cover for the kids, who take matters, and their meals, into their own hands? Go, go, go. What would you do? All right, let's get ready to roll now. Yay, French fries. I'm so ready for the French fries! What? Why are there no French fries? Why are there vegetables? Hey, hey, hey. I don't want vegetables. These customers watch as our mom lays down the law. You're not having French you have to eat your vegetables today, okay? I don't want them. Mommy, it smells funny. But you're going to eat them. No, I'm not. No problem. Then, we can go home and we can stay in our room the whole day with no video games, no TV, and in the dark. How does that sound? Okay. I'm sure everyone in this room loves their vegetables. I do! He chimes in, and offers up a way how to make that meal more bearable. Put some ketchup on the side of the plate. Dip it and see how you like it. There you go. Like a veggie fry. All right, let's send mom All right, I'm going to the bathroom. I want all the vegetables done by the time I get back. Berry leaves him in charge. He's watching you. I'm watching you. He's watching you, you got it? But before she's even out of the room -- You know what you should do with those vegetables? Put them in her salad. He's given the kids ideas on how to get rid of the greens. Thank you! Don't say I told you. Hey, cover them up. Cover it. And continues to give them advice. You should leave a little on your plate, though. Oh, yeah. I got one. Just bite a little bit. Just make believe you're biting a little bit. Mom returns. Have mom say, hey, what's in my salad now? Wait, what? And as she questions the kids -- What is in my salad? Their accomplice motions for them to keep their little secret. He's telling them to be quiet. Is this your vegetables that you guys both told me you ate? No, they were so good, we ate them! Are you lying to me? She left him in charge. He's watching you. He's watching you, got it? So she wants his eyewitness account of what happened. Did you see them put their vegetables in here? I was seeing him eating it. In fact, I saw eating some of their broccoli. Her, too. That's about all. Okay, he's denying it. Then, how did this get in here? How did this get in here? Before he sweats any more -- let's break it now, all right? Hi everyone! How are you doing? You kind of helped them out a little bit. I helped them out. I did tell them to do it, but I didn't see anything. The old technicality. That's right. In fact I told them to eat some of it. What's the moral of the story here? Give the kids a break. How about these next diners? Will they follow suit? There's no scientific evidence that carrots are good for you. Carrots are good. Try it. See? Try it, you'll see. Look at that, she's really engaged now. Already? We send berry away again. I want them all gone by the time I get back, you hear me? We're going to send Oliver over to the two guys now. And Oliver immediately tries to pawn off his produce. My mother, she's making me eat these vegetables. Can you take some? No, I'm all right. You can try them. They're good for you. I'm telling you. Go ahead, try them. Here, please. Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm good. No, I'm good, I'm good. This is funny. Please? I got my own coming. When he's shot down, Oliver moves onto the next table. Can you? No, you have to eat because it's good for you. Yeah, try it. Try it. I do not like vegetables. This man agrees that healthy food isn't always the most delicious. The good things in life, people don't like. The bad things, all the fatty foods, people love. Ice cream, French fries. But he warns Oliver that a bad diet has consequences. In the future, it's going to tell on your body. You're going to be living on medication for the rest of your life and I don't think you want that. So have him say, "I'm going to throw them away, don't tell my mother." No, I'm going to throw these away. No, no throw away. Don't tell my mother, please. No, no throw away. Despite the diner's pleas -- Put it in. The kids quickly part with their peas and carrots. Yeah, just plop them in there. Those are disgusting. Berry's happy when she returns. Hey! Good job, guys! Hey, mommy! Good job! See, they were good, right? Yeah. The nearby diners stay quiet. But what happens when we send our kids away? All right, let's see if they tell her. What's up? They no eat. They didn't eat them? No? Where'd they go? What happened? They're in the breaker box. That's R vegetables? Oh, gosh! They have to go with slow -- for the child to like have good taste because the veggies, they don't have so much taste. We're rolling one last time. And with mom away, Oliver Can I please leave these vegetables with you? No. I don't want them. Send it back to the waitress. My mom wants me to eat them. I want you to go sit down and act like a young man. Sit! But he doesn't sit for long. I have an idea. You thinking what I'm thinking? As they start dumping their veggies, the diner scolds them. Hey! Sit down like a nice young fella. Sit. Same way with her. They're taking stuff out. Look, throwing it in the bowl over there. Please don't tell my mother. You got to behave yourselves. Now mom is back at the table. Hi, mom. Oh, you did good! He locks eyes with our mom, and says -- I told him, "I won't squeal, I won't squeal." Or will he? Check the black bucket. What black bucket? Mom and kids start to leave the restaurant. Go! Walk! Now. Walk! And this diner has some final words. Good luck. They'll be all right. They're going to grow up some day. Thank you, sir. They'll straighten out. I'm John Quinones with the TV show, "What would you do?" The -- the kids were actors. Were they? I was going to have them knocked off. We wanted to see what people would say if kids didn't want to eat their vegetables. My parents came from it themselves. Everything we ate, we had to eat it. We didn't waste nothing. Maybe we take too much for granted these days. That's right. We're spoiled. We're spoiled. Here they are. Clap us out, right?

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"A mom is overheard in a diner demanding her kids eat their lunch, vegetables and all. Do customers agree with her strict approach or cover for the kids who toss their meals while mom isn’t looking? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72317917","title":"'What Would You Do?': Does mom go too far to get picky kids to clean their plates?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mom-picky-kids-clean-plates-72317917"}