What Would You Do: Thief steals gas out of cars

At a gas station someone is stealing gas from another customer when that customer steps away from the pump. Will any of the witnesses speak up?
7:22 | 09/23/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Thief steals gas out of cars
Reporter: Back in 2008, with the stock market crashing and fuel prices soaring, our hidden cameras were rolling at this gas station, in yorktown heights, New York, as a nefarious character steals some high-priced unleaded from an unsuspecting customer. Gas prices these days, you know? It's horrible. Reporter: Back then -- Are you freaking crazy? Reporter: Most customers came to the rescue of our victim. Get the Out of the car. Reporter: Now, a decade later, we're back at that very same gas station. If customers were willing to rise up and stop our gas grabber then, will they still pump the brakes on our thief today? What would you do? This first customer pulls in right behind our thief's car. Just like back then, when the actors in the SUV go in for a cup of coffee, our thieves spring into action. And we make it hard to miss what they're doing. This young customer clearly sees our thief in action but doesn't confront him. Before she leaves, we ask why. Why not say anything? I was going to say something, but I was going to drive forward first because I'm in a rush. Reporter: Well, other customers jump right in. What are you doing, dude? Just getting some gas. No. I just needed some gas, man. Well, you're -- Yo, you can't do that, bro. No, don't worry about it. Nobody knows, all right? You didn't see anything, okay? I see everything. Reporter: Before Ben drives off, he sounds the alarm. Yo. That guy just stole your gas. How? He took it out of your gas tank and pumped his car. This guy? Who did? This guy right here. It's a victimless crime. It's five bucks. It's not a victimless crime. That is insane. I can't even believe that you would do that. Do you know this person? What? No. He just took the thing from your car and tried to put gas in his car, and I said, "Excuse me?" He was like, "Don't say anything. It's a victimless crime." Yeah, but I said something, so he stopped. Reporter: Why is it important to say something? It's important to be honest and be a good person. Reporter: This next customer rides in to re-fuel. He sees Ben stealing gas and immediately confronts him. I'm just taking, like, five bucks. Don't worry about it. Just don't say anything, man. Reporter: Realizing that Ben is about to getaway he uses a device that wasn't as prominent in 2008 to take a picture of the license plate. And he isn't the only one to capture Ben in the act. Yo, guy. You know that guy with the red car? No. He just grabbed your thing and filled up his gas tank. Did you do anything? Yeah, I thought I took his plate number. Reporter: But he doesn't confront Ben -- Did you say anything to him? Reporter: Until now. Yo, guy. Why'd you take his gas thing and fill up your gas tank? I didn't do anything. I just saw you do it, dude. You was about to leave. He's lying, man. I'm not lying, dude. Don't call me a liar because I'll punch you in your mouth right now. No, no, it's all right. All right? I saw you just do that. All right? Don't call me a Liar. Reporter: Time to step in. How are you doing, sir? I'm John Quinones, with the TV show "What would you do?" Ah, you caught me. Reporter: You were fired up. I'm very pissed off! I don't like stuff like that, you know what I'm saying? I really don't, because if it happened to me I don't know what I'd do. Reporter: You went up to him. What if he had gone after you? Well, then we'd have to do what we had to do. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it goes. But you don't cheat somebody out of their money, because everybody works hard for their money, you know? Reporter: After nearly coming to blows, Ben seems a bit gassed. So we decide to give him a break and bring in a female thief. If she looks familiar, it's because she's tried this before and failed. I need to go to work. Can you move? Can you please move? That was wrong. We watched you! Reporter: Maybe she'll have better luck a decade later with this customer. He watches closely as she gases up, but says nothing. With her gas tank full, Laurie drives off. And still, he says nothing, until -- I can tell you what happened. That girl took the nozzle out of your car and put it in hers. K66fy --, New Jersey. What is it? K66fy -- Reporter: You wouldn't want to confront her? I don't know. I probably should've confronted her. Reporter: But you did something really important. Remembers the number. Reporter: What was it? K66fy --. Reporter: And at least you could provide the owner with that, right? Yes. Reporter: Whether it's providing James -- with an eyewitness account -- That lady right there, she took the gas out of your thing and put it in her car. You saw her do it? Yeah, I saw her right there with my own eyes. The lady right there in the car, bro. Reporter: -- Or customers directly confronting her -- Did you just steal gas? I pumped on my pump. That's not your pump. Reporter: Laurie seems to be getting the same reaction as our male thief. Did you take gas from my pump? I was putting gas in my car. I was right there in front. I saw you. I saw you do it. You can't lie. Why would you say that? I was, literally, right in front. Reporter: To remove any doubt, this second customer steps in. Is she denying it? Yeah. I was on this pump. I'm late for work. You made a mistake and got it out of the wrong one? Yeah, I got to go. Hold on. Explain to me how you put it back in his car if you accidentally got the wrong one. I got to go to work. Dude, she just ripped you off. I pumped from my side. You just ripped him off for ten bucks. Why would you guys lie? I'm going to work. You're exactly right, why would we lie? Reporter: And then along comes this last customer. He's filled his tank, and is about to take off when he notices Laurie taking gas from the wrong pump. And it looks like he's going to drive off, letting our thief off the hook. But then, Tony Falzone does something we haven't seen all day, let alone ten years ago. Do you need some money for gas? I'm so embarrassed. I'm -- yeah, thank you so much. Get yourself some gas. That's so sweet of you. No problem. God bless you. Thank you so much. God bless you, too. Thank you. Have a great day. Reporter: Before he gets back in his car -- hey, sir. How are you? We have to ask him why. Listen, what did you just do? I figured she's in need, she needs some gas. So I gave her some money. Reporter: How about the poor guy she stole from? Hey, with a nice car like that he's got a lot of money. What's an extra ten dollars? You kidding me? Reporter: At the end of the day, we notice a couple things that changed in the last ten years. Technology has improved, and gas prices have dropped. Give him the money back. Yeah. Thank you. Reporter: But people's hearts are still in the right place. Do good for everybody. God bless you, all. Reporter: I'm jock judiciary

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"At a gas station someone is stealing gas from another customer when that customer steps away from the pump. Will any of the witnesses speak up?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"50033177","title":"What Would You Do: Thief steals gas out of cars ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/thief-steals-gas-cars-50033177"}