How blood from recovered patients could slow the spread of coronavirus

Scientists propose a new treatment that might provide short-term immunity for the disease.
3:38 | 03/20/20

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Transcript for How blood from recovered patients could slow the spread of coronavirus
Right now we don't have a vaccine for -- nineteen and we probably won't hurt at least a year and how long it takes secretive that CNN tested for safety but some scientists think there's a way to provide temporary protection for those caring for corona buyers patience it could potentially even help the patients themselves. This treatment is called passive anti body therapy. Antibodies are proteins your body makes that Hawkins played up a specific. Virus or other might. We need new buyers for the first time antique apple why milk for your immune system to build up the great antibodies to combat that particular envy here. In the meantime the buyers can make you sick or even kill you. However if you sir it. That's seen buyers again in the future your body will now and eat the right to bodies. They can quickly not a response to fight off the action that's how immunity works. Sit antibody therapy it works by taking antibodies from people who were sick but have recovered. And getting those antibodies to somebody else you can do that action by the antibodies out of donated black. This won't protect their recipients from the virus for at fair but it could potentially give them someone else's immunity for a short period of time. It might even work to help neutralize the virus in people who are parties it. You can see how this might be helpful as we battled the novel corona virus now. Passage antibody therapy or convalescence. Here there he would some scientists calling. Isn't exactly new thing in the early twentieth century it was used during outbreaks of measles polio and eaten the 1918 flu. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it will work for code T convalescence here therapy for rotavirus was apparently tried and China. But we only have anecdotal reports of pocket about content so scientists still clearly a lot of testing to also. If it is proven effective. We still don't know how many doses of antibodies single recovered patient could provide it if the doctor are true cost that now. He said micro biologist at union now distant Johns Hopkins University. Who recently published a paper on how we might use this treatment in our cook in nineteen response he said it's possible that a single blood drop from her covered patient. My only fifteen in the end to ideas to treat one or two other people didn't small skilled production have now. Researchers aren't proposing we give this to everyone in America. But if the therapy could prevent infection in the doctors nurses or family members caring for a sick person. It could in theory reduce the spread of disease is and lessen the burden our health care system to be clear this isn't a replacement for a vaccine. Creating a vaccine is still very much nickel for public health professionals for long term immunity because of that nineteen people need to build up their own antibody arsenal. Not just borrow it from someone else and that's what vaccines. They make you produce your own antibodies for virus which you can then to fully if you ever encounter that actress and future but. If passed an antibody therapy works we could get it up and running much faster than it would take to bring vaccines market. In the meantime. In my help save some lives.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Scientists propose a new treatment that might provide short-term immunity for the disease.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"69715860","title":"How blood from recovered patients could slow the spread of coronavirus","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/blood-recovered-patients-slow-spread-coronavirus-69715860"}