The Collectors: Musicology

Nolan Gasser has dedicated his life to research behind the global music phenomenon, Pandora. Now Nolan is seeking to create data-driven music therapy to help cancer patients.
9:17 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for The Collectors: Musicology
Brought to you by the 2015. Acura T elects. Marine. One of the things have always loved to hop music is just communication. To be able to connect with. But in my favorite closest friend Karl Philipp Emanuel lost when the chance fox sons. He said and you can expect to move the audience. Unless you yourself and are moved to. When you started in music genome project for pandora. Our goal was to figure out how to take individual criteria. Individual genes. And collectively just fine piece of music. And music genome as basically use standardized framework to music analysis. It allows you to take stock to every important action viewed as a piece of music. Melody harmony written form instrumentation. Center and. He's an individual's genes. Individual pieces of teach him a couple Argentina. Each genome has to be evil only properly. Any song. In that speech dance and music. Murderers. There are between 150. And 400 genes turn June. Over a million songs analyzed by pandora so far. None of which would be possible doctor music channel checked. So let's say that we fully understand what I'm musical taste is where it is. How can make use of that information to make a liar spatter. There's a whole field. Musical study based on the belief than action music to make our lives healthier especially when something goes wrong. Using the knowledge I've acquired working on music genome project. I'm now working with the leading cancer treatment hospital. To create an algorithm identifying CI deal music to treat cancer related ailments. Likes to T. Pain or anxiety nausea. As a first exercise I decided to reverse engineered genes. In Norwich composing original work it can have positive salutary effect. Creating the works I mean uses several genes most notably classical. Pop rock. And Janice. My approach was first we need to literature. On the use of music therapy. From that I came away with some over arching approach instead have a positive effect. Like to slow heartbeat paced tempo. Consonant harmony and lyrical and sustain Melanie. Occasional burst of rhythmic energy. Usage strains. And so forth. Yeah. Yeah managed if you were to genome quickly analyze the wellness sweet. He's finally acted expression of hundreds of genes. Just fining and Nixon's counterpoint which improvisation. The light textures of a string quartet. Passage under a piano and drums and classical harmonies. Was rock group. One of the things and I've seen the best pieces. Is there really is this striving. Towards apotheosis. This climax. You can't get their right away has to be a gradual unwinding. Together we step point of actually getting those chills it has to be earned. So the idea was an extended work. All these scenes together. To perform this piece before learn three survivors of cancer so nervous. I assume filled with emotion. Fan. I often say there is no. Really good performance without it could alliance. The best performers we know on some level whether we're looking at them or not we know what the audience with you. I gave myself solely to this. And I didn't just come up with humility but I came up with the melodies from meek spoke and he. It. Listening to music is not up. Passive exercise. We have to work to follow Oltmanns if you really want to music touching tune. You've got to dig yourself as a listener. The work that I've done and pandora. That was sold since the music genome project have really informed. How we listen to music. Feeling and emotion not potential passed through. Those listeners even in moments. Then was success. I'm Nolan Kass earned. I'm the architect of the music genome project and. I'm constantly exploring a musical experience.

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{"duration":"9:17","description":"Nolan Gasser has dedicated his life to research behind the global music phenomenon, Pandora. Now Nolan is seeking to create data-driven music therapy to help cancer patients. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56175438","title":"The Collectors: Musicology","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/collectors-musicology-56175438"}