So how good is Ben Simmons?

FiveThirtyEight's Neil Paine and Kate Fagan evaluate the LSU phenom's advanced stats.
5:12 | 06/25/18

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Transcript for So how good is Ben Simmons?
Dan Simmons was the number one college basketball recruit coming into the season. And he's played like it since arriving in Alice you. He's averaging 24 points and fifteen rebounds per forty minutes and LSU is in second place in the SEC. Last week we had Donald Trump make his hot takedown debut so this week it's the turn of the put this in south Brock of bombings talking to a crowded LSU. I imagine. You got. Okay basketball players and examines the house. Obama cumin and hot there we know is a little tongue in cheeky there would be OK obviously means. Freaking amazing. But I know you or even breaking down and Simmons is you can see him many yankees he's better than okay. So I went looking for some stats because you know he's what people are talking about and cod mass well especially in advance of the draft so. I gather data on Simmons and 44 other forward to are drafted in the top five picks of the NBA draft in this gone back to 1988. Simmons is nineteen right now so I looked his stats verses that group of forwards at either 818820. So we compare him and and we looked at it on a percentile basis among that group of really good forwards. We find it Simmons is around the group average fir shooting efficiency. And that's for inside scoring and also for you know from the outside in from the free throw line. He's a really good score he's at the 75 percentile of that group of really good Ford prospects. And what really distinguishes him is that he's a truly great passer and rebounder as if for his age especially. He's in the 100 percentile of assists for forty minutes among prospects in that group. And so then once I had those numbers I was like well who does he profiling is he similar to. Perhaps a notable you know top five pick in the past. I found that two names really jumped out when you start in a kind of trying to find players that have similar mix of skills. And those players were Tim Duncan and Lamar Odom pretty no solid company for a day or been Simmons that's okay. Especially Duncan. And it's also an intriguing mix if we if we zero in on Duncan. Who is the greatest power for of all time by most most observers estimates. Duncan yeah a really good defender in college even at that age his steals and blocks were higher than Simmons and Simmons is. You know he's guy that could play small forward or power forward you know in the pros he might be gravitating more toward. Can the wing man type situation so it makes sense that his steals and blocks were a little bit lower than somebody like Duncan who ended up being a big man. But I do you know Simmons is right up there ahead of Duncan in rebounding. His passing game is better. And his shooting into his his long range and two point field goal percentage numbers are pretty much in the same neighborhood as Duncan and he's doing it with more scoring. So if you take that compares him at face value it's almost like. May be a more outside oriented version of Tim Duncan less of you know interior defender but more of a scorer and and more of a playmaker which is you know pretty exciting combination then if you add in Lamar Odom to the makes one of the you know prototypical. Point four words and my opinion especially you know when you bake in defense. And so if you break down Odom at the same age Odom was more of an outside shooter he he wasn't as much of a score. And his two point accuracy was lower but he he was a better shooter than Simmons from from the arc in from the free throw line. And his assist numbers were pretty comparable but he wasn't anywhere near the rebounder that Simmons. Is and also his defense of numbers are you know pale in comparison. So if you kind of lineup all three players next to each other. You see that Simmons like might be a more versatile version of of both players and maybe a little bit worse inside than Duncan. And and less this year than Odom but along flew almost like an unholy mix of some of their best qualities like you know. Modems play making for his size and and dead Duncan's rebounding and an interior presence so kind of exciting right. Yeah about it's the start to me for effort does he was an on the pockets like Ben summonses. Little green bar here is. Looks better than Tim Duncan and Lamar Odom and all these are categories yet I think you keep Singh is like the versatility of him in. Certainly the waved NBA's going and the best teams right now when when you look at you know. A big or big forward coming out of the draft in tend to when he hears ago UC east the numbers that he has for sits right now many mention Lamar Odom being like. The the first wave of dislike put forward and he was the first eyewitness to or blown away that I that they'd like push the ball down the court. In transition and we look at Benson and end when you compare it. When you think about the fact that he's entering an NBA. Where the things he does absolutely best are just sold highly valued way you can even imagine that. His game translates to an NBA in a way that is going to be really releasing.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"FiveThirtyEight's Neil Paine and Kate Fagan evaluate the LSU phenom's advanced stats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56150291","title":"So how good is Ben Simmons?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/good-ben-simmons-56150291"}