Who are these New Hampshire voters deciding who should run against Trump?

Politically engaged, independent, old… here are some stats about the voters who could decide the 2020 Democratic nominee.
5:13 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Who are these New Hampshire voters deciding who should run against Trump?
Especially after the disastrous Iowa Caucuses all eyes are on New Hampshire. The state with the first primary election in the nation you know a primary. Where people go to the polls and vote like normal instead of crowding high school gymnasiums and selling chaos and I. That's the site. New Hampshire is awarding 24 pledged delegates out of almost 4000 available in the democratic primary just half a percent. But New Hampshire is important because a vote early and all of us in the media tune it. So who are these New Hampshire voters that were lavishing so much attention. First of all they haven't independents. Did that register voters by party New Hampshire as one of hand that has more independent than Democrat or Republican. In New Hampshire 42% of voters are on affiliate that compares verbally point 8% national. That matters for primary because unaffiliated voters in New Hampshire can vote in either the democratic or Republican con. In addition to having an independent streak and New Hampshire it's how the specifically libertarian streak as well. By one count the state has the second highest concentration of libertarians in the country. There's no earned income tax or sales tax and it's the only state in the country were adults are not required to Wear seatbelts. Also you've probably heard of its motto live free or daft. Perhaps in a similar vein New Hampshire it's are particularly secular a third of them don't identify with any religion. That's the sixth most of any state in the country. And nonreligious people are growing segment of the American public. And are more likely to identify as democratic than Republican. That plus the high levels of college educated voters and New Hampshire is one way that this state is representative of the Democratic Party. But there are other ways in which it's now. The democratic coalition is increasingly made up of urban and suburban voters are New Hampshire is one of the most rural states in the country. 40% of New Hampshire writes live and non urban areas while nationally that number is only 20%. Unsurprisingly. Rural and urban birders you political and cultural issues pretty different. New Hampshire is also quite white with a white people making up 90% of the population it's the fourth white estate in the country. That's a higher proportion than Iowa in the nineteenth century the State's textile mills in cannery attracted Irish German. And French Canadian immigrants. In the twentieth century immigrants from other parts of Europe arrived as well he didn't see the influx of African Americans from the south. Or immigrants from nine European countries that other states have seen. New Hampshire has the second highest median age in the country at 43. Nationally the median age is 38. One in three New Hampshire rates in the BB rumor again nationally that number is less than a quarter. Moline ill overturned rumors to become the largest generation in the nation in twenty. But older voters turn out at higher rates particularly in primary. In the 2016. Election. Voters over the age of 65 outnumbered voters between Egypt would be eighteen and 34. And speaking of turning out to vote. That's also something that Amtrak are known for. This state how the third highest voter turnout in the 2016 election and historically has had high turnout at the primaries. It may help that voters are regulars at the ballot box here governors have the shortest term in the nation in New Hampshire. Only two years New Hampshire and also have easy access to better politician. The House of Representatives here has 400 represented that means about one representative for every 3300. New Hampshire acts. Plus not only do New Hampshire right to vote often they also change their minds off. At least relative to the rest of the country. According to 538 number is New Hampshire is tied as the second Sweeney a state in the nation. That basically means. That New Hampshire it's are liable to change their minds according to the political winds of the moment. That tracks with the State's demographics miscellaneous places in the country tend to be places with lots of white voters who don't identify as evangelical Christian. So all Democrats have done well in the state recently. It's the kind of place where no party can ever get too comfortable. Those are some facts to keep in mind about New Hampshire voters as your bombarded with the news from the granite state. Some other facts to know about New Hampshire the state flowers the purple I lack the state free of as a punter and the state vegetable. The white the tape. Don't forget to subscribe to 538 on UT.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Politically engaged, independent, old… here are some stats about the voters who could decide the 2020 Democratic nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"68908812","title":"Who are these New Hampshire voters deciding who should run against Trump?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/hampshire-voters-deciding-run-trump-68908812"}