Previewing the NFL divisional playoff round

Neil Paine looks at the Patriots vs. Chargers game and the rest of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
1:46 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Previewing the NFL divisional playoff round
The New England Patriots are accustomed to winning in the playoffs and this weekend. Our viewer ratings give them a 50% chance of beating LA chargers. However that's actually kind of low by their standards that the second lowest pregame probability they've had in a home playoff game since 2000 and why. And one of the big reasons why is that the chart might actually a better team than Tom Brady bill ballots act and the path. For starters the chargers had the better record in the patriots this year and health I had many more players named the probable. If you look around at the very physical power rating for the league it's kind of hard to find ones where the pats ranked higher than the charges. LA comes out ahead with the with it he is Ian hopeful power index. Football outsiders dean VOA raking in our own you low ratings Jeff Sachs earns ratings or even sports references simple rating since. In fact one of the only statistical categories where the patriots might have the edge is at photograph where Tom Brady had a slightly better hope you hear this season. In LA Philip Rivers. That said the charter still have a lot of work cut out for them because they'll be traveling to Foxboro. The patriots didn't lose all season. Haven't lost any game in 470 days. And it's been more than 2000 days since the patriots lost a home playoff game. There's a lot of reasons that they Eads team could win which I think makes this the most interesting game of the divisional round. Upper class action you'll think its youthful beat the colts. It like the rams to be cowboys and if the saints knocked off that if anything world champion Eagles. For more predictions and analysis seems mr. Jack 538.

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{"id":60291930,"title":"Previewing the NFL divisional playoff round","duration":"1:46","description":"Neil Paine looks at the Patriots vs. Chargers game and the rest of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/previewing-nfl-divisional-playoff-round-60291930","section":"fivethirtyeight","mediaType":"default"}