What to watch for on 3rd night of the DNC | FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight on what to watch for on the third night of the Democratic National Convention.
9:46 | 08/19/20

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Transcript for What to watch for on 3rd night of the DNC | FiveThirtyEight
Hello and welcome to our third night of coverage of the Democratic National Convention here 538. I do entry and we're gearing up for some very prominent speeches from vice presidential nominee Connell Harris. From former president Barack Obama an from a slate of prominent women with into the Democratic Party ranging from. Elizabeth Warren to Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton and he would meet to discuss tonight's events are your politics writer Clara Malone Pickler the talent he. Goes well and also with us is politics editor Sarah frost and sent hates our carrier. Are so it's a big night for air Connolly terrorists so let's talk about how the world has been so far. And kind of what the expectations are from her this evening and perhaps in the campaign going forward. Claire what is she trying to you accomplish. Given no role in. The party. Well great question I need cheese Ed people of said. She is perhaps one of the more important the vice presidential picks up late in part because Joseph Biden has been saying listen might ministry it is probably gonna be something of the bridge administration. Implicit in that news whoever his V pieces and is now. VP pick is now Harris that person is patently first in line to EB. Next democratic nominee so I think her job is to sort. You know put out though the greats public show of confidence and charm that people expect any national candidate in an era. Constant media attention and frankly and it diversifying party so Pamela Harris is out there to show which he will the Visser rating in debates that she will be charming stop and that she will be younger than jail by. Back back back back back. By the way your background as loudly you look at rain forest I'm honest magellan's. It imports. While I'm jealous that looks lovely so a lot of expertise means for calm like Harris as you mentioned Claire. Of course the other star of the shirts and I is going to be Barack Obama. Michelle Obama has arguably stole in the show so far throughout the Democratic Convention. What's the expectation from him as you know one of the what you most popular figures in democratic politics to. There's a reason why he's closing tonight's events. It's his speech is also I think at this point then highly impact whether a little of those expectations. As a whole other thing that you know we've seen Obama has successfully backed when he as a state senator and 2004 he's a great or greater rate. The sense of urgency I think that we'll see on display and I probably echo what a lot of this tweets had in recent weeks about. Turnout to vote. You know it's kind of certain to change the message around don't necessarily even cast your ballot by mail. Picture your mind make sure you're there and I think he will be stressing. And doubling down in some way on the unique threat that he precedes trying to posing to the presidency and why so urgent for Democrats to this election. Yet clear how has his whole. Ian the party and in politics a vault since he last left office. Yeah I think Obama is. Political. Sensibility towards the middle. Has has become more prominent in his in his post presidency the keys Qaeda I mean obviously he is a liberal Democrat but I think he also stylistically defines himself as being. Kind of a moderate I mean you night at once a year ago it was. When he he sort of need abdic a bit of splash by a condemning cancel culture are what we now call it's a culture. I think that's. That it's certainly something that's that stand out a lot more width with hindsight being 20/20 in his presidency. But obviously he's still the lode star of the party write offs that act he is has a political charm and Chinese speaking that's probably. Once every couple of generations. And I think that there have been a lot of very talented. Democrats running in court brokers also quite compelling speakers. You know there other people work or who have certain political talents but Obama still kind of looms large in the party and he's also relatively. Yeah in person by the standards. You know the seven. 74 year old. Political candidates running in the 20/20 election so he's he's. He's a familiar face and one that makes. Democratic voters feel shared and also I would say he TD's popular post presidency and Americans. Ya I was looking past the Obama's popularity at this morning in comparison to some of the other speakers and Michelle Obama single most popular Barack Obama right behind her. I mean people have. Approval ratings up about 60%. Among all Americans now amongst Democrats of course there universally. Democrats but you know. In an arrow where the president's approval is around 40% that's a huge difference and it's also worth pointing out that this is. You know now mark sixteen years in the fifth Democratic National Convention where the Obama as well either either show or steel which I mean. This is Obama's party now and and you know. Joseph Biden's candidacy and nomination is as much about Barack Obama's legacy. As anything. And assess how I guess it's still the man of the parties can it be speaking as much tonight as you well tomorrow night when Biden accepts the nomination. But of course the other message of the evening is about the role that women play in the party. And you know there's a big huge gender gap that we saw in 2016 and that persists today. A home. I guess you don't want to what's the message that these prominent women politicians. Are going to be sending. Democratic Party is built on when voters next venture since the 1980s very there was an eight point gap and that election in terms of women voting for Carter instead every weekend. And I think you'll see those appeals again this evening tasking former nominee Clinton speaking tonight of course you have here system historic nomination. Don't be interesting that the balance between particulate paerson clears for soundness for the site that. Opening up a little bit more and talking about who she is and what her background. Isn't trying to connect with voters in that way. I think often times accomplished women don't do that they focus and here's what I done here's what I'm going to do. And it'll be interesting evening silence today with Biden's wife Jill campaign team this you know human picture by and the BC today the women speakers to display our it's too far in that direction the party and there accomplishments. Yeah I think I mean honestly I am. Most interested in. How Hillary Clinton will be received right on the one hand. At this convention is certainly. Being watched by a diehard Democrats. On the other hand into the programming. Last night it was all about. And and I guess the first of the commitment to GM probably together there was there is you know an appeal to Republicans and appeal to the independents. Well you know who is a particular fan favorite of Republicans and independent leaning white voters let's say it's Hillary Clinton right. In part because she's a woman and so on the evening of celebrating the role of women in the Democratic Party I think you're also. You're also gonna see. People are reacts to. Both the first major party nominees who was a woman. Who many people did not vote for in part because she was ordered just because she was a woman so that is you know the elephant in written. Yeah I mean it's an interesting dynamic where on one hand the party is is celebrating the role that women have quite you know you have. Speaker of the house first woman speaker of the house Nancy Corzine speaking Elizabeth Warren speaking you have Hillary Clinton speak Yang. And if you bought pat. There approval ratings nationally. And sometimes even within the party it's not it's not great. Also historic number of women ran for the democratic nomination in the primary and load B holds. An older white pan is the nominee so you know it might be ladies night but I believe easier. Yes. Frost for sure and will be you know tracking how this all plays out on the 538 light block tonight. At 530 dot com so check us out there but that's it for now thank you clear. And thank you Sarah. Thanks Galen. And these short to subscribe to the 538 YouTube channel click the button subscribed for. Hang out with us get some analysis talk politics and Noory that's it for now Seale later.

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