How to watch surfing like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight

Surfing experts Luiz Pereira and Erik Krammer teach us what to watch for during the new surfing event at the Tokyo Olympics.
5:12 | 07/23/21

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Transcript for How to watch surfing like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight
For the first time ever surfers will be competing in the Olympics. It's part will be attracting a lot of first time watchers who may be unfamiliar with how it displayed and judged. So to help we brought in Olympic judge Lou he Pereira and technical director for Olympic surfing competition Erica Cramer. Your remarks street basic. Maneuvers also has the parents like that. Alley off the bottom there's that first down. Why when you're looking at a staff one of the things you really want to look at is how the line is on the way if anyone has sent a line like the lion. That the surfers using when they've rides through the face of the wave and say you're really looking ahead is that line that comes out of the bottom turn. More vertical or more horizontal. It's where you do that. On the way you can do. That although in the face luck and audit and critical part of the way you can miss that. Really close to the critical part all the leads the better and will. Get more points and executed the critical part of it. On it and detect long. The critical part is the section of the wave awareness deepest. Turns on here get more points than those done towards the shower and that the way. The most livable turned are the ones done in the impact so. Where that wave is breaking and hitting the water. We all are among rows are the on birth there are formed a book and the way yeah. It's or looking for ice. X. Two aerial maneuvers you're bound to see often in any surfing competition are the air 360 and air reverse. Wynne and air 360 this server does a full turn in the air. And it reverses similar but the server only turns 180 degrees here and then finishes rotation in the water. And and the other factors or you're gonna look at is how high above the lip was it and then you're also get a look at the critical section that it was done and was it. All the lip of the way to grow as it often very and that the closeout the other major factor would be control. And all Bible. Be one of the main factors as how deep you were. Convinced judges see the whole time ever get this year shoulder. And how long where he disappeared for them how do you come out. Now you have a general understanding of how to watch these maneuvers here's how the competition will unfold at the Olympics. An extreme. Forties or worse or any men and he. Or the courts of two initial rounds of the twenty surfers compete in what are called heats or time sessions. With the sixteen highest scoring surfers advancing. At that point the servers go to head to head elimination rounds to determine the gold silver and bronze medal winners. The look thirty minutes or more and that any conditions deli and allow that it audible hoarding in. You can catch like as many ways he wants all your best gonna count or the apartments so you can't gets. Fifty waves and I can only exterior. And I immunity because got two eyes or. Five judges score each wave that a surfer rides on on a scale from zero to ten and they can use tends to the point. The three middle scores are averaged and that is the surfers or for that way. Its key elements. Angel and allies and support. The ball well meet indeed create. In the commitment would be more. Where you're doing your relievers on the way so usually if you're doing your maneuvers in the critical section they're gonna have a higher degree of difficulty. One youth it will put you worse and that kind of brings out the futuristic. Types of serving. And then pulled nation movers this thing with the judges are really looking for Ecstasy a clean performance it's more difficult to have a really big believer. And connector right into another big maneuver them are Reilly a move which means showing different kinds of maneuvers not doing the same thing. He all painful usually the more speed that you're surfing away the warrior. Surfing is rewarded the power of pictures surfing look more but shirt that a different look to you'll see. More water displaced when it's more power certain flow is. It's like that natural part of surfing it's it's the beauty. Everything is very beautiful everything is harmonic with the weight that they are writing. There are so many maneuvers and variations of maneuvers that were found deceased from world class surfers in Tokyo. Now you have the tools to judge when something's good or great. Or out of this world that means. I I'm.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Surfing experts Luiz Pereira and Erik Krammer teach us what to watch for during the new surfing event at the Tokyo Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"78973776","title":"How to watch surfing like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/watch-surfing-olympic-judge-fivethirtyeight-78973776"}