'Abducted in Plain Sight' victim Jan Broberg on her kidnappings and childhood

Broberg explains how Robert Birtchtold manipulated her family and groomed her to believe she was half-alien.
9:37 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for 'Abducted in Plain Sight' victim Jan Broberg on her kidnappings and childhood
How was a child sexual predator able to kidnap the same child twice and get away with it. That's just one of the many unbelievable truths uncovered in the bizarre true crime documentary called abducted in plain sight. That has become a big hit on Netflix right now one of the most watched documentaries on Netflix right now. This is a lot to process so stay with me here. Robert Burt stole was a master manipulator who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted and he wanted nine year old Jan Grover company as soon as he moved next door and the broke words were under his belt. Any used his charm to divide and conquer the entire family. He seduced both parents into sexual relationships in order to get to Jan. And was able to abduct her not once but twice he brainwashed her into believing she loved him for certain to marry. At twelve years. And terrify her into doing whenever he said the pastor Burt Stoltz first arrest keep. Blackmail Jim's parents by threatening to expose his sexual relationship with both of them. Unless they signed affidavits. Stating that they gave birch told her mission to take Jane. They did and Robert abducted Jan again. After the FBI apprehended him and a judge ruled that Bristol had a mental defects. And sentenced him to just six months in a mental facility. Jim remained under Burge told spell until she was sixteen when she realized everything he told her it was a line. And Robert never paid for his crimes and harassed jammed up until the day he took his own life thirty years later. Please welcome Gen-Probe Burke. And sharing your story traffic told you just a moment ago that I I think this is gonna change people's lives so think you. You grew up in Idaho with your parents and two sisters and Robert birch told lived in your neighborhood with his wife and children and he became friends with your entire. Family. What was your relationship like with him when he first started coming to your home. Well we we Chad a best friend so his three oldest children matched Dustin age my sisters and I. His wife was a lovely is this person and my mom she did crafts so we go over and you know do crafts with their family we met them a church. And so we attended the same church. And he was just charismatic. He was a community member that had a furniture store he was the kind of guy that was just helpful. And everybody loved him I mean he literally have that kind of charisma. So my relationship with him was he was like a second father to me you know that's how it became or the two and a half years while that grooming. And manipulation. Took place. And he broached told write his first he became so close with the apparent symptoms and some points that they allowed him to spend. A lot of time to do even to sleep in the room with you. Yes so you know you go back in timing you look at that and you say okay. What was the normal well mom dad somebody always talk to see and read a story late bias in bed you know we tickle backs. He had a heat came with these tapes that he said his. Psychiatrist. Was having him listen to because he was trying to overcome some childhood trauma of his own. We found out later that those that the psychiatrist is not a real license his license have been revoked they told my parents I'm supposed to lay by a child. And then listen to these tapes and it's gonna help heal any labor light they bought a bought it but then he gave you sleeping pills. Yes that came later and allegedly molested you leave and they knew what did you know was not that time I don't ever remember being molested at the time only when I woke up in the back of the moving motor home. And having kidnapped was stripped to the bad and then I say if you weren't later but a Buick that really under red from the sleeping pills maybe you didn't know what happen that's possible help shore up his claim that he didn't molest you the FBI believes in them right guests via this he. Abducted U in 1974 when you were just well. He took you to live in Mexico where he forced to in your marriage has repeatedly had sex and you look this is where he started to brainwash you know it. I want to remind everyone you are only twelve years old. What did he tell you. So when I woke up hears that set up you have to think again a how grooming happens it happens before. The actual incidents a curse with with whether it's apparent the community the neighborhood the congregation. So the grooming hasn't been in place because he would take all of us kids to the science fiction movies those were really popular in the early seventies and then. He bring over the newspaper clippings where others than a UFO sighting. In the paper he wasn't talking to meet directly just talking to mom and dad in the kitchen and I'm listening at looking at the the little white disk on that thing when I woke up he was taking me horseback riding that was his cover story which we had done before with his oldest son. And when I woke up I was in the back of a moving motor home with my wrists and feet strapped to the bad. And there was a tiny almost speaker like looking box. Like an inner calm may be a tape recorder but it was small. And it was playing in this high pitched monotone voice. Female companion it is time for your mission to begin so when people ask me about the brain wash Jean I'm Mike. It took ten seconds I'd been led up to that moment where one night then saw him two days later covered with blood. On the self Bob the motor home I thought he had being kidnapped to a half high heat heat. A hot yes absolutely that we were to have a child to save a dying planet and you know what's interesting you'll find this and just enjoy. Is that when you look at something like that the story that he told. Through this alien voice yeah course I don't think it's him right. But it really is the middle of a I have a Mary Jesus and Joseph story like I was this special person that was going to have this special child that was going to save the world my mother was my mother but my father was not my biological father. I had been fathered by another. Another person from another planet so that's up that's a story I heard a Christmas time. Given you know Jamie the anyone that's what they do they take something familiar and they just change it enough. So that they can manipulate you and and it's plausible revealing and quite neatly in quite Jan was not something you had been raised with what you all now -- not at all but I'm just saying Linda trying to lure filming a strike you that way it will aliens nothing now because I had gone to although science fiction movies him dead in the sightings in the paper as saying you'd heard the voices right all -- and -- -- and I watched -- and then he had always celebrate Bob Ney is -- decrease is part of this and it's all very -- time but. The FBI ultimately found to and then. Drug sixteen years he was still having sex with you you sort of turn on your parents at least your dad and then he abducted you again. And you found out that your parents both pat. Sexual relations is bullish with a one time write my father imam multiple times you have my my father one time had had a masturbation. Experience and that would with him. And then my mother yes there are several times that she'd met with him but again it's the smoke screen that master manipulator creates. We know them that out though I had my moments have been angry and upset but what I don't play at being groomed and manipulated but muscle to get TUO it was altogether sex with your father in the relationship with your mother was yet they could create a smoke screen and inoculate himself. From prosecution that he lay always have to yet always yes yeah finally also my parents sought. But you know what's not plausible on why this is such an important story to tell is that was it was not plausible in their mind or my mind that this man. Whatever hurt me he was as close as your best friend is today it would be like you your brother in law. Being that guy now it's the person that you would sign over your paperwork and say pay raise my children and my died. That's what we don't want to look at even now you know 800000 reported sexual abuse cases in this country last year we got much smarter. And those for the rip it once my how many more not reported and it is labeled on the ground has again abused by someone that they now. Yes but in art art history rarely a strange in our eyes. We have sky Portman was documentary filmmaker sky you were able to have her parents admit on camera on their sexual relationship. How did you finally get the family to tell the truth about that on camera. I mean I think I think they were ready to tell their story I think it was a big burden that they had been caring especially Bob. He kept the secret for a long time I think he really felt the weight of it and so when he had the opportunity to tell this peace proposal which I thought was critical both. The relationships with the pet parents were critical. Two knowing how he got into the family. And I think they knew how important was for the world to know that. To kinda keep their eyes open for it now OK we only have a second left him just did you think if your parents. Oh absolutely I knew they were agreement and you have a lot of everything that I've gone through therapy I have a wonderful relationship but my parents my sisters I'm very lucky have a great community. But I think that's the cautionary tale it's somebody Yunel love and trust and probably somebody your child knows loves and trusts and it's just not scary stranger's sending a letter saying very few other thanks to jammed grove Barrett. Fly ball.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Broberg explains how Robert Birtchtold manipulated her family and groomed her to believe she was half-alien.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61304243","title":"'Abducted in Plain Sight' victim Jan Broberg on her kidnappings and childhood","url":"/theview/video/abducted-plain-sight-victim-jan-broberg-kidnappings-childhood-61304243"}