Alicia Garza on her new book 'The Purpose of Power'

The Black Lives Matter co-founder says "hashtags don't start movements," but "people do."
3:24 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Alicia Garza on her new book 'The Purpose of Power'
Sunny? Alicia, you started the black census project in 2018 with 28,000 black folks from all 50 states participating. Many have called it the largest independent survey of black people ever conducted in the United States. What did you find out after doing the survey? What are you hoping actually that the Biden campaign learns from that? I'm so proud of our work at the black futurist lab. What we found honestly is that in the process of that survey we learned that black folks were saying things like nobody ever asked me what I think about, what I experience every day and what I want for my future. That doesn't bode well for a democracy. Over and over again black folks across the nation are feeling left out and left behind and certainly experiencing that in relationship to policy. I think it plays out for this election cycle as well. We had to push very, very hard to get a black agenda, one which my organization developed as a result of the black census, that speaks to immediate needs of blacks across the nation, but also how do we make black lives matter from city hall to congress. Despite the language in support of black lives matter, it's been difficult to get substantive policy that can actually close the gap in disparities that black communities face so often. What I think we need to keep remembering as we're two weeks out from the most consequential election is that black communities need to be front and center. That's not just important for black people. It's important for everyone. Now, your book is a guide to empower young organizers. You say the number one thing young people ask you is how to use social media. What do you say to them? Hashtags don't start movements. People do. Whether you're young or someone that's been around for a while, organizing is about addition and multiplication and not division. We have to find our tribe and people who care about the things be care about, but not stop there. Building a movement is about putting more power into the hands of more people. We have to grow our communities, grow our movement. That's the central task if we're going to build the power we need in order to change rules and policies that have been rigged against our community for generations. Alicia, thank you for coming on. The new book is called "The purpose of power." It's out right now. You can get it in audible. You can get it as a hard cover. It's out there. Thank you for coming.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The Black Lives Matter co-founder says \"hashtags don't start movements,\" but \"people do.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73718457","title":"Alicia Garza on her new book 'The Purpose of Power'","url":"/theview/video/alicia-garza-book-purpose-power-73718457"}