Amy Robach previews 'The Bobbitts: Love Hurts' special

The "20/20" co-host joins "The View" table to discuss the new special about one of the most notorious cases in American history.
5:40 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for Amy Robach previews 'The Bobbitts: Love Hurts' special
Well, 25 years after her shocking act of revenge, the mere mention of the name Lorena Bobbitt still has men crossing their legs. I see you, Brian. Okay, now "20/20" is taking a new look at one of the most notorious cases in American history on a special called "The bobbitts: Love hurts." Please welcome Amy robach. Love the title, right? I mean, I canvassed the crowd during the commercial and most of these people in this audience remember this story. Yeah. Hard to forget, isn't it. I don't know about the Australians. Do you remember too? That thing went across the atlantic. It did. So, why is it coming back now? First of all, it's 25 years and I think that's something that a lot of us are like, wow, I can't believe that much time has passed since then. But also, we were looking at it through the lens of our current environment, this me too movement, right? If you remember, Lorena said she was a battered wife. She had photographic evidence. She said that he raped her that night. He of course vehemently denies all of the above. If you remember, women were out marching in the streets and making Lorena Bobbitt their hero. She took matters in her own hands literally. With a knife. Exactly. I want to ask you something about that me too idea because I have a whole -- I was telling them on the break, I have a whole funny bit about this that I've done over the years in my comedy act. Could I do it today? Oh, yes, I think you could. It still holds. All men are wincing and a lot of women are like, we warned you. I think the conversation is the same still 25 -- you can absolutely -- But you're bringing up the fact that she was an abused wife. Maybe that part -- but the joke is on him. I just laugh. The thing is -- by the way, they were both charged with crimes in this. He was charged with marital rape, marital sexual assault. She was found not guilty. He was charged with malicious wounding and she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Because men can't imagine a woman doing that without being crazy but they're wrong about that. It worked for her in court. All I can thinking about right now is I'd really like to know what the brand of the knives were. I'm doing a wedding registry, I'm like, those are good fives. I can't get a knife to cut anything. Thank goodness it went right through so they were able to reattach it because of that. If I remember, she got into the car with it and drove away and threw it eye the window. They found it. Wait a second, here's the bit. They found it in two hours. That's pretty good police work. They've been looking for Jimmy Hoffa for how long? Do you really think the reaction would be the same because men were horrified by it and women did feel that he got what he deserved. Correct. And Lorena had gone to police. She had tried to file a restraining order and she felt helpless. I don't know, won't men still -- wouldn't men still wince at that thought? When I mention it today people go, ooh. Would it reaction be different? I looked it up, there's only been about two or three copycats. Women do not follow the lead of that. Yeah, you can't do that. That's -- yeah. It's illegal. She could have killed him. She could have. But he raped her. He says he didn't. Speaking of, you sat down, Amy, with John Wayne Bobbitt for a new interview and you asked him about her abuse claims. Take a look. Did you ever hurt Lorena? No. What's your definition of spousal abuse? It could be anything. It could be punching a hole in the wall, verbal abuse, calling somebody a slut or whore or tramp. Did you do any of those things? Um -- In moments of anger, did you push her, shove her? Yeah, we fought. But that's not spousal abuse? I think that's fighting with each other. Amy, how did you find his demeanor? Um, you know, he was very casual and he even describes in the moments after he realized what had happened to him that he didn't get upset or freak out. He's a very calm, eerily calm person generally speaking. But it's interesting because not only did he say he did not abuse Lorena, he claims she abused him, that he was constantly having to defend himself and that any wound she may have had was all defensive, him trying to restrain her from attacking him. He also has a military background from what I recall and he was also -- I think he had two other relationships and he was also -- oh. Correct. -- Accused of abuse. He says he keeps picking the wrong women. Wasn't he charged several times after? Correct. With other women he dated after Lorena, yes. But he claims he kept unfortunately dating crazy women. I'm wondering why would he sit down and talk about this 25 years later? He said -- he said that he felt like his story hadn't been told, that everyone looked at him as a wife beater basically and he wanted to set the record straight. He felt like he hadn't gotten a fair shake in the media and he wanted the full story to be told, he wanted his side of the story to be told. Didn't he become a porn star also? He did, yes. Physically now he says he is good to go. We're happy for him. Our thanks to Amy robach. The "20/20" two-hour special on this airs tonight at 9:00 P.M. I'm not missing that one. Eastern time by the way, right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"The \"20/20\" co-host joins \"The View\" table to discuss the new special about one of the most notorious cases in American history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60163426","title":"Amy Robach previews 'The Bobbitts: Love Hurts' special","url":"/theview/video/amy-robach-previews-bobbitts-love-hurts-special-60163426"}