Beto O' Rourke announces 2020 presidential run

With another presidential candidate added to the overflowing Democratic party, "The View" co-hosts discuss how the former Texas Congressman will change the playing field.
3:22 | 03/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beto O' Rourke announces 2020 presidential run
So after months of teasing and foreplay, whoopi came back. No. Former Texas congressman Beto O'rourke finally said he's going for it. Watch. Amy and I are happy to share with you that I'm running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America. This is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. The challenges that we face right now, the interconnected crises in our economy, our democracy and our climate have never been greater and they will either consume us or they will afford us the greatest opportunity to unleash the genius of the United States of America. I'm a little unnerved by the way his wife looks at him. It's like the same way trump looks at Putin, you know? That adoring -- Nancy Reagan had it, you know. So, there are 13 democratic candidates officially running and 3 who are looking into it. Now, what do you think about Beto? Just one point when whoopi was talking about health care, he believes in health care for everybody but he doesn't believe in single payer, so I presume that means extending Obamacare. Am I right? Well, or a duel system. He believes you can have a private insurance system and perhaps have a government-run as well. I like that. I think the candidates you've mentioned, a lot of them are Progressive on health care for example that he sees more of a lane for him. He should be concerned if Biden jumps in. In Iowa where he is campaigning and I think it's 8 districts that were won by Obama and then won by trump so in his mind it's how do I capture the swing vote, how do I capture not just Democrats but people that I can bring over from trump. The article, full disclosure here, when my dad announced right after he did an Annie lean visits spread which is what he did in "Vogue" and that was probably the worst decision that my dad made running for president. Why? Because you're appealing to the elite media when people in Iowa are not making up and reading "Vogue" or "Vanity fair." And I hope he has better success than our family had. I agree with her. I think it looks a little too polished, a little too contrived, too scripted, a little too perfect, every hair in place. It's so insulting to the people in the middle of the country. What, fishing and tackling? It's insulting. They read "Vanity fair" in Iowa too. There's attitudes in politics that haven't changed. It's always go local and then national. He should be doing local press -- I'm sure he will. But when you blasted out I'm the "Vanity fair" cover. By the way, I would like to show Marco Rubio on "Time" magazine as the savior, and Elizabeth Warren in New York magazine, front-runner. I'm superstitious about things like this. I'm thrilled that there are so many people that are willing to serve our country. I want to hear more. I want to hear more from everyone and I'm thrilled that people are willing to take on a disaster of an administration that's going on right now. There's a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy, a lot of variety, a lot of attention, a lot of media coverage. I think it's going to be a fun primary for Democrats. And I think Beto O'rourke should come on "The view." We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"With another presidential candidate added to the overflowing Democratic party, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the former Texas Congressman will change the playing field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61684070","title":"Beto O' Rourke announces 2020 presidential run","url":"/theview/video/beto-rourke-announces-2020-presidential-run-61684070"}