Bradley Whitford discusses border wall impasse

The actor shares his thoughts on the possibility of a national emergency to fund the border wall and discusses his new series, "Valley of the Boom."
6:52 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Bradley Whitford discusses border wall impasse
Whitford since the beloved TV classic "The west wing" and I personal loved him in "Get out" now he's busy on the big and small screens starring with Nicole kidman in the movie "Destroyer" and in the new series "Valley of the boom." Please welcome Bradley Whitford. You're a busy guy. I'm very lucky. You did creep me out in "Get out". It was a lot of fun, a lot of fun. You creep me out in hand maid's tail. It's a lot of fun. They're creeping me out now. I want to talk to you about that. This week we were talking about the national emergency of the border wall. Yeah, I think that's -- it's a completely manufactured, insane moment that we're in. This pin I wear is -- Jamie Gutenberg who was slaughtered in her school Florida, 40,000 -- between 30,000 and 40,000 people die every year in this country in gun-related violence. That is an emergency. A national emergency, yeah. Listen, this is an insane situation. I mean, this is like an anon situation. Daddy's nuts. We're forced into a relationship and we have to get together and talk about it and remind ourselves -- Something's the matter with daddy. You just gave joy a new line she's going to be using every day. You have to tell the line that you said to me right before we wernlt on. What was that? I said about trump it's like Tony soprano and Joey but apuck co had a baby who got to choose a third of the supreme court. It's insane. What are we going to do? It's insane. We're going to bubble wrap rbg and go from there. He seems to be in trouble but he's too old to be having a midlife crises. We were talking about that before. I'm too old to be having a midlife crises. But you're having one anyway? I thought I was and then I realized I never met anyone who's 118. Yeah, yeah. Did you have one when you were like 45, 50, like that? I feel like -- I don't know when the crises never wasn't, but yeah, it's getting worse. My doctor said to me the other day, he said, congratulations, you've outlived your shoulders. You can't be having that many crises because you're in so many amazing shows. You're in a new show called "The valley of the boom" about the origin of the internet as we know it. It's such an interesting time in history. It's fascinating because this is a really fun, joyous romp through the origin story of this digital soup that we're all swimming around in. The thing that strikes me is we are inundated with this digital world. We're kind of at the mercy of it. We have no immune system to deal with this explosion of technology, but it's all relative. My grandmother used to cry about telephones because nobody wrote letters anymore and cars destroyedguarantee you when they invented the printing press a bunch of monks showed up and said I just memorized this whole blessed book and you're just going to give it away. Abacus. Yeah. So we have to adjust to it and this is a really joyous romp through that world. But we're at a point where I think we have to -- we have to inflict a little humanity on our technology. It's really young. I think it needs to go through a little maturity process. It's addicting and it worries me. It's rearranging the neurons in my kids' heads. You play the former CEO of net scape, James bark Dale. Yes. He's known to be tough but fair with an emphasis on tough. Let's take a look. I guess you've heard there's a big problem here and it really isn't getting any better. Mike's been undercutting the methodologists in the sales force. That's a bunch of . We're going to get together tomorrow. If you still aren't getting along I'm going to flip a coin. Heads I fire Todd. Tails I fire Mike. Sound good? All right. Yeah. Cool. All right. Good talk. Bradley, honey, if you were going to play a tech CEO, really it's too bad you couldn't play Jeff bezos because that seems interesting. I don't know, there could very well be a film at some point. You could play him. No comment. Not yet. Not yet, yeah. No, I ache for all involved. You know, I want to go back to what you were -- when you came out here and we were talking and you were talking about Jamie Gutenberg and you thought about guns as a national emergency. It's something that our government, congress needs to address. There's a lot of Republicans right now pushing for trump to declare a national emergency, including our friend Lindsey graham. Republicans need to remember that there will be a time when they're not in the white house and they're not in charge of the senate and there's going to be other people who are and may want to declare national emergencies on other things which is why we have a balance of power and co-equal branches. Yes, yes. The movie, I'm supposed to ask about the movie. That's a hell of a segue way. Listen, just one more thing about guns that I would say respectfully to people who disagree with me. Looking at me, that's okay. Apparently the idea is that -- I'm sorry but our children being slaughtered in schools with weapons of war is part of the cost of freedom, and universal background checks is too high a price to pay. That makes no sense to me. Nobody is trying to take people's guns away, but we have to get rational about this. I think they know it doesn't make any sense. They don't care. They've got the money. They want the money. Thank you so much for coming. Sure. Our thanks to Bradley Whitford. "Valley of the boom" premieres on nat geo on Sunday night. You are also in a new film that's getting a lot of buzz called "Destroyer" with Nicole kidman.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"The actor shares his thoughts on the possibility of a national emergency to fund the border wall and discusses his new series, \"Valley of the Boom.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60314740","title":"Bradley Whitford discusses border wall impasse","url":"/theview/video/bradley-whitford-discusses-border-wall-impasse-60314740"}