Brett Kavanaugh accuser willing to testify

"The View" co-hosts discuss allegations from a California professor against Kavanaugh.
7:41 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for Brett Kavanaugh accuser willing to testify
safe. So woman accusing supreme court Noe Brett kavah of tryin to sexually assan high scol says E's willing to talk to congre.w,gh it's a false gation. 'LE E judiciary committee to clear his me.ven what W seen over T last couple of years with senatorscongressme can this hurt him? Ll, I don K it's going to hurt him becau certaiy a lot of the votes right no but ae very least, she be heard. At the very leahe has to testify, I think, tell her side of th story. When Y look at sort the seriesf events and her allegaons, I find them to be very credible I find them extre important, let's it, this I a lifetime appotment. I thin mit and a Mo comeus is very ant. Hegoing to pining on a lot of issues ttect wen and we need T hea from he als took a lie detector test. Ma should take lie detector test. At least we'll from that. Clarence ts take a lie detto test. Sheasen also. That's whatid. And still ghe votes to get through. well,t that there'smbling nowrom fke, corker, murkow a collinshis should not beushed ugh. What the big rush? There's still thavn on Kavanaugh. Yeah. Youkn, plus we have this R and so what is the ru this a lifetime appointm they afraid THA we wait until after the mid-t and you have a democratic congress in jority, that they will never puim through. They'relike, tis our last chance to really stack the with conservative judge -- es, most O them. This is serious allegation from this woman. Inifferent Tim where if you're a republican senator Yo canay, no, we justave to vote W can't hear herstory. Democrats knew that. One thing I lov abouttry is we'retransparent. We don't hide from things I the end. Thanks to the es Well, we should let the ocess play outnd hear from both sides. Now W hearing two completely diffeies. Whrustrates me though is the politics of allthis. Itsn't take away fro this wom I clearly -- I think -- iee her inhis momenteche's obviously pt this with this is true for a7 yea now. But I hate T politics. Going ba to mer Garland and what republic did in th moment. Dianne ftein had T where this W anonyus details what she went H. Seemss I Democrats put this in arawer and said T is big a this going to benefit us if we use the time petly. You doubt that she a Dianne Feinstein top private. Confidenal. She could havtill de that though. And she didnd Dianne Feinstein didn't say anything about Thi and we don't know who leaked. E's some conversation his wife'story out there because peopleeren talking a it maut it out there. But the bottom line ry is, you know,he democraouldn't win with this one. If they brought it out injuly, it out tot hiecausee's a fan of esident. If they waited and notone people would have said, oh U're doing I becau it's poll. Could have . I dot is DI E're G tout this H say the woman asked me to keep her confidence ahat's WHA I'm doing. I'm telling you T way that I've waytel. Everyone can respoheir own way T this. It does feel pocal to and I think that's what a lot plinard ball, come on. This isball. Et's say tydid. The timele really doesn't support that the Democrats somehokept this a S tentionally to Sor of drop a surprise. L like in 2012 sd er husband couples therapy. There eherapist notes that confirit. She contact the in July through a tip line once she found out kavaugh hadeached a short list of Nees. Thenhe contact her congresswoman ia, senate Feinstein was the sen California. Then she hired an attorney said, you K wh you're Y Challen on this. Hen she took the lie ctor test. And th- S clearly to know,n muscly - She didn't want herna Tt' why I said if you're aet this leoue meeng- dinstein and chuck Schumer will be on the show a we can ask these questions today. If you know what this woman wrote yohy not use ts FBI and T you Id T timing very politiitis woman comingut. We neo hear I a obviously people can make thatgment but I probabl speak for a lot of people ustrating. What should they have done?if they ha C in July and said we have T informat weeotten this letter and we don't K should be people would have said, west broughtha out cause H our Republican nominee and don like his politics. July hen't the nee. The Democrats now know if Yo bring it O T before they're going T S have nice a WRE not going to have anothenominee uil after mid-terms. Y didn't D at. Magazine is -- he intercept. Thentercept me a decis to release that. Dianne Feinstein didn't release that she sent it to the FBI which doesheund work. They didn't release it, the Democrats didn'release itnd I believe they at any time release it because they knew they we in ain siation. She has to readthing. Gh said this is a co false algation. Everhe descr to her or to an. I amilling to talk to the senate judiciary cttee I any way the committee deems appre to refut this false allegation f36 years a and fend my integrity. The other a lot the studies who W to school with accuser at that high school say theatre was this type thing T T inhose daysnd that some of them were vicms also of this other school this ia girl at school and Kavanaugh was in a boys school. Time, mean, so cked, itas a long time ago too. A long T ago is not -- I can onl image the conversa toe withis two daughters last nht andoing T sch Toda LI had the conversation also. It works on both parties. What's go That's rht. John conrs was yandor a lot less than this. Rht back wi more opics." Announcer: Still D, Hillary's history.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss allegations from a California professor against Kavanaugh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57882107","title":"Brett Kavanaugh accuser willing to testify","url":"/theview/video/brett-kavanaugh-accuser-testify-57882107"}