Was Brett Kavanaugh's op-ed effective?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Kavanaugh's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.
6:44 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Was Brett Kavanaugh's op-ed effective?
Dozens more were went on chair the senate decided to advance the Kavanagh nomination to a final vote tomorrow. Kavanagh wrote an op Ed insisting he is independent impartial judge and that he might have been too emotional during his testimony. But only because he and his spamming phase vicious allegations. I just want to point out said. The profess out also. Heads that was upset. And she didn't seem to flip out. Rain so I I you know we know that. Votes are happening some people we are hearing may or may not go and one way or the other do you think. Any of this is gonna matter I think the countries hit rock bottom I really do I think it is such a sad. Time if we'll learn anything from this it is one we need a society that allows. Women feel comfortable speaking. And women also need its help people when it happens because you needed to be backed up that's the world we're living and we also need term limits I was watching the senators yesterday. It does not reflect where we are. In this country we we need term limits we also need people to go out and run for office if you believe so strongly is something if you believe you're passionate. About the issues parent run then it shouldn't be people just with money. Or just with backing it in politics you should get out there I think and you should make a defense so we saw with Anita Hill right we saw the. Did did the year of the women. A woman of so many people. Came out I have to tell you I was sort of shocked at the out bed that he wrote. Because it wasn't it's never been done anyway but it's what does so much of an apology it was just sort of an ex explanation of his behavior. And an explanation of his temperament. And I think everyone that 2400. Lawyers law professors say that his temperament that was displayed disqualify him. You have Justice Stevens who was a justice on the supreme court for 35 years would sit that he had to buy it republic to buy a Republican a Republican. Just as. Who said you know I was supportive of him because of his intellectual ability. But after I saw that display it disqualifies him the temperament disqualified why does he think that that's an excuse because. I mean certainly as the person who was accusing them and then she was kind of treated rab yeah cavaliers girls family had get out of that how does that they had done and she was not freaking out what does your priorities and that every. Imagine had she displayed that sort of temperament I mean they would it dismissed her. Immediately know I don't get a read do you don't read you right through that was not editing the op and sending new youth testifying. Under that is your opportunity to speaks the American people that and he knew that it was going to be tough he knew that it would get emotional. But you have to know going into and this is my onetime he's going to be remembered more for those hours talking to senate and we'll let. I don't where I was online last nerve pill Mitch McConnell. Prize. Thank you went there will these old guys saying we like you know get off my time to plan hacks come. Hanna. Hot hot and but this Mitch McConnell today I was watching amigos. He describes the democratic strategy. As delayed obstructed resist. Well I'm not his middle and ended up excuse me darling Mitch. But you all the wine who delayed the vote to 422. Men they are allowed America I'm Erik aren't visiting hypocrisy is infuriate and go to the front of what. What did he say when Obama was elected. These said that I will never I would I will promise to do anything I can to obstruct anything that he's taken the ones are impressive today this is on both sides at his post them trapped him on both sides are limited on both sides. Now if some of both sides it is on the side sorry governor rod that. Not connected. Those I was the fight. Yeah well we fight and then with low fat use started the fight this all could have been prevented I believe me I think if we look back on health club could be prevented like he was still. I care about this country and I think we should learn from this and we should figure out why this made out of the way that it did where did this leak from how was this handled behind closed doors I still there's a lot. You I don't know if you're actually talking about how did this happen this happened because. Up sitting president. Had somebody he wanted to put in. And was obstructed by the other side and they get 45 days for 45 days that's important enough. Now you can have arguments about who we want footage. Know who should be at. But when people so what you know. This is the current president's choice while Obama had a different choice and they had had an agenda they have so we'll have what we have an issue with the agenda but. It doesn't have to be like this and we know that because we see what North Dakota Democrat hiding. Hi camp is doing. On cabinet can you show us please. This isn't a political decision if this were a political decision for me I certainly would be deciding this the other way. But. You know there's an old saying history will judge you but most importantly you'll judge yourself. And that's really what I'm saying I can't get up in the morning and look at these life experience that I've had and say. Yes to judge cabinet I will be voting no one judge capital. Now. Okay. And that state and I have to say what to stand up for what she believed men. Is probably gonna cost her her seat and I hope it doesn't because I hope the folks M. North Dakota say you know lack. Even though we I want this got I applaud you for standing up for what would rights and and we are going to give you another time because you. You're not pledging miss for I should not trying to pander to Susan and I hope that that I hope. I hope that. People get out there and support is as sad though that she said. I'm not voting politically because if I did I would go the other way yeah it we get our might help us well. What where we're rat blowing up we we know where we have ways in the can't hide it but I don't really get out all I mean he led the guy lied on to hope everybody saw it. He lied and showed a terrible temper desperate but now and what did forget the temple man. You said you didn't attitude is I bet you did it and now when you're under all's I thought she yeah its yeah. He does not know if I do that kind Al. You'll be in jail but I don't know I'm not like I'm down.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Kavanaugh's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58311840","title":"Was Brett Kavanaugh's op-ed effective?","url":"/theview/video/brett-kavanaughs-op-ed-effective-58311840"}