Chadwick Boseman on how 'Black Panther' is revolutionizing superhero movies

Boseman discussed the significance of the success of "Black Panther" on "The View."
8:40 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for Chadwick Boseman on how 'Black Panther' is revolutionizing superhero movies
We are going to work to bring you the latest O but it is already dominating the world. Presale tickets are breaking records. The cast is on every magazine cover. And the soundtrack is number one on iTunes. And this is one hero who knows that when he's prepping for battle, women are his strong suit. Take a look. Wait a minute. They absorb the kinetic energy and hold it in place for redistribution. Very nice. Try it again in the same spot. You're recording? For research purposes. Delete that footage. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, black panther, Chadwick bosem Boseman! ??? ??? Wow. Well. What a time. Now. "Black panther" is -- the first black superhero movie with a black director and a primarily black cast. Yeah! Something people would never have thought years ago. And this is a big deal. So some predict $165 million, billion, opening weekend. I thought you said billion dollars. I said billion. You know, I bought all the action figures. I bought everything because you don't see this. You don't get to see this. So this is really a jumping off point. I mean, for me, as a -- as a comic book fanatic, this is like -- heaven. Yeah. Heaven. It is. So, what is the message to the world? With "Black panther." ? Uh, I think the message is that it works. To have, you know, a black cast. That it works. You know, it -- it works. That our stories can resonate not just in this country but throughout the world. We have been on a tour showing the movie. We went to South Korea just before the olympics came. And -- they're excited. We were like the beatles when we showed up. I'm not playing. It was amazing. Wow. Enjoy it. And in London, it's that -- that -- idea that a black movie can't travel, that's been said. Very often. Mm-hmm. When studios talk about funding movies, they will make that statement. That, you know, we don't sell overseas. It's the exact opposite. It seems to be. They'll make more there. That's exciting. Is there they'll make more of them now. Yeah, they should. I will tell you, had the honor of seeing your film last week. I want to move to wikanda. It was so beautiful. You were so great in it. The costume design by Ruth Carter. Ruth Carter, man. Was phenomenal. If she doesn't win an Oscar, I don't know who is going to win? It's a period pes that meets afro-future riciz M. We try to bring the ancient and futuristic together. It's beautifully done. People are calling "Black panther" rev you lush Nair. The most woke superhero film to date. Especially at a time when our president makes derogatory comments about nonwhite countries and women. Do you think, that that's accurate? That this is a revolutionary film? Uh -- unfortunately, it is, I would say. Because, this movie -- wikanda is advanced. Not just the most tech know logically advance FPD most spiritually advanced in some ways. They're ahead of the rest of the world because they haven't -- colonization and slavery enslaves everybody. It doesn't just enslave the African. Everybody is bound by the limitations of those systems. And so, because they're not apart of that, they're okay with the idea of seeing male and female on the same level. Like, my sister can challenge for the throne. Right. So, that concept is what you see in the movie. You see different types of beautiful women in the movie. Yeah. You know, Lupita, Angela. And Leticia are all different types of women. Even the wonder woman, it was great conversation that was started. I don't know if I'm wrong for saying a D.C. Comic right now. But this advances that. Because you don't have just one image of what beauty and strength is. You know, it's so funny, Chadwick, because what I love is that communities all over@ are taking tons of children to see this movie. So important to take these little brown boys and girls to see a superhero that looks like them. And there is a -- video that has gone viral. Oh, any know which one. The kids broke out dancing when they found out they were going the see the movie. Take a look. ??? Now, to see -- to see because people say that -- we shouldn't see color. But, these children see the lack of representation of themselves. So to see a video like that of the pure joy, what does that do to you? Oh, man, that's why you do this. That's the reason why you, for me, the it's one of the reasons why I get up in the morning and I do what I do. Like, there's actually a couple of kids that, um, that I've connected with. While I was shooting "Black panther." When I was tired, I would think of them. To see, thinking about them seeing a movie. And, so -- just to see that and see it means that much, that it means -- sometimes you can psych yourself out and believe that what you're doing is more important than you think it is. But, it's obviously not the case. I know, whoopi says she has all your stuff. I made a "Black panther" outfit to wear to -- Oh, gosh. I put a girdle inset in the front. And spanx in it. I can't wait for you to see it, KRAD W Chadwick. I've seen it. It's fine. Listen, man. This is this is the beginning of change. This is the beginning of a change. And the importance of this movie is not just for little brown boys and girls. But for all boys and girls to know that superheroes -- Come in all colors. Come in all colors. They haven't really known this. And this is the beginning of that valley. It's great. You know, you're always welcome. Don't play that music to me. You know I hate it. "Black panther" is in theaters Friday. And courtesy of our friends at imax, I'm not playing with you. Nerve the audience is getting two tickets to see "Black panther" in imax.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"Boseman discussed the significance of the success of \"Black Panther\" on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53051034","title":"Chadwick Boseman on how 'Black Panther' is revolutionizing superhero movies","url":"/theview/video/chadwick-boseman-black-panther-revolutionizing-superhero-movies-53051034"}