Chef Aaron Sanchez cooks a feast for Cinco de Mayo

The master chef shares his favorite recipes for Cinco de Mayo fiestas, and two of "The View" co-hosts go head-to-head in a cooking showdown.
6:28 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Chef Aaron Sanchez cooks a feast for Cinco de Mayo
Jackpot round Sanchez who voted me out chopped I think oh Jeanne thank you czar Jeff. And it's money sixteen my co host Hannah Navarro. Well it's came in second jeopardy I did come in dead last. Pinkston live faulty buzzer that out so today about payback time on a single that my yoke co buzz cut daughter. Thanks so much crap we made yankees she hornet. For us I know she is she's not bitter though. Susan how terrible everything your Arab. But we're gonna get it right come on ladies have to live beautiful agrees that a celebrate rash act. Welcome something but what other signature dishes I think what MI of books it's all about celebration right guys you want to make sure that you have enough variety. Beautiful diversity in dishes and make things nice and easy for you so for me I loved ghost ballots because the combination of flavors are so are endless. It's a beautiful campus and having to Chris utopia and it's no that's why I part with a CK a great cheese company. Leading branded Mexican by foods and flavors so that's why for me. There's no other option than doing a beautiful post. Wonderful what black I think about them apples 2000. Who would everybody yeah. I think if you keep saying those style antenna sends on the other side of the wall yeah all got to be careful that. When it's time to get down and dirty I'm still not over and a kind of dating now he is given up. I'm still not over you voting me off chops five years ago really know what I'm not out Rick so this time Harvard damn (%expletive) you know what addition we've got to make. All right so I think it was appropriate latest for you got to do a post op. Okay now the post on the right here is is people go any direction you want out of these shoes. You're appropriate to have feelings approaches we have some state we'll look at chickens until he Solomon shrink. So this is up to you ladies to have creative license and half bottle with an okay repulsed out of being the vehicle in the interim probably go ahead and worker Michael. That the style what do you what do you got when I tell you and what do you think that I don't have notes Indiana. Yeah I cheer me eating no money she already thought starting much how much a given the with a little would continue I like the we've going to start with the volume assessing the foundation flavors and then ladies you have all these beautiful seasoning fear here that aren't CS we have article regarding where they think. About crossover into out of the league umpire put garlic and I know your having hot thing you know I'm very sensitive to your being pregnant. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah hey yeah. Arizona but he got expert on Mexican food and Tauriello. Like that would ask you breath the difference between a taco until dot but I'm from Arizona yet know the different but his shot went to stop I don't know what about. Is that all right so this enough without the basically a fried corn tortilla and methodical would be the one that it's this off without being priced. Now so the flavor the flavors and the Phillies are up to you feel a split the difference celebrate the good miles. All right so we celebration for the life 'cause it's basically come read the book great that was fantastic it a lot of Carlton and yet. And it's not fair cardiac be prepared commemorates an idol honey I'm very confident that. We. And it commemorates the battle of Puebla which is connected 62 when Mexico beat the French shall. Really that puts you bum out but at that time for having celebration having fun filled until about his son. Emanate year old could try to do in order saying if you like the stuff he loved it he loves big flavor he backed. I don't feel fact he can't get forget the various isn't it beautiful are all the little theater and it'll all felt. And he just loved got a man he loved the deal of thought he had anything that's it gets to be your bat felt like real right hand corner of Mexican attacks that. Okay that's a very good question so my grandmother said that Tex mex. Started when cowboys is to work through Mexico they liked. Elements of the Mexican cuisine but they want to soften it up. We put forward what he does well and smiled at chili's or Metroplex mr. sort of I want nothing like everything is try to let your report Arnold would right here. It's always a good kind of let go a little while they're almost a vaginal coming school achievement. Well you've got your separate rocket well okay laid back here's the deal. Start thinking about how would an equated what you want to have. Garnish to the key with a great post out of it all the leery of flavor right. Okay how we donated goods smells good so I love what you want here on every. Cooking show I feel like every lights are on an actor that's what I thought would watch. Master chef masters at thing I'm curious would you rather judge adult. For kids can't get this I got her how to read it and I don't know about this topic from I love. I love both I think I think they both fifty different sensation is different feeling that if a kid a really promising to negate the Vietnamese that the future's bright any legal battle myself is that I watches like it irrelevant because you're much better than I ever thought I'd and they got skill guy the company a mom I asked my mom had a wonderful restaurant here in New York. For thirty years course on elapsed should permits pioneer Mexican cuisine fly grew up with all these powerful strong how to women. Very much I come in this cup. You're right Joseph I have I thought I love you looked at a music producer. So in your hair. I don't know I'm very nice I have good solid wonderful outlet built well my boy abandoned at the right note not at all to Beaumont depth beautifully many black I don't I have yet you ladies are doing wonderful here's the deal. I can Obama what's our guests will figure out who's the winner when we come back I was so intent on who went yeah. We are back celebrating the golden mile Pitt who is the winner jewel and Japan it well I mean I think the risk of having to deal with how a week. I have to say that Amazon is a little better because you seem offering up Arab Chris brilliant man. Big rise because Anna asked me before do you like pretty sound. Hot and I said yes since the study so has a certain kick things may get cheap easy can she got it okay. Who's next Madden icann has better am sorry despite. Can't sorry I Sierra today's icy air and it did more with the topics. All. I don't have a real winner and I yelled to him you picked up wow. Regulating authorities yeah. Enthusiast she gathered opposition researched it and win it. I had sent us an idea I'm then like I have a great day doing take little time to enjoy them.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The master chef shares his favorite recipes for Cinco de Mayo fiestas, and two of \"The View\" co-hosts go head-to-head in a cooking showdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62808191","title":"Chef Aaron Sanchez cooks a feast for Cinco de Mayo","url":"/theview/video/chef-aaron-sanchez-cooks-feast-cinco-de-mayo-62808191"}