Claire Shipman and Katty Kay on their mission to build confidence in young girls

The authors of “Living the Confidence Code” tell “The View” co-host Meghan McCain why they’re encouraging young girls to speak up and embrace failure.
9:30 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for Claire Shipman and Katty Kay on their mission to build confidence in young girls
Confidence we're trying to encourage girls. Through it and where your children are you getting eased into it. You know I have a five month old and I think they read these books are so important for so many reasons. What inspired you terror regionally. Pair up with clearing to invoke on tests. We're not. In writing books the years together this is fifth book again we loved the collaboration actually you might that we you'll comics you know American is so great working with other women. In beit el bills is that we all from stories right. Stories are a great way of getting a message across the track I've got a ton of percent at eight in Europe scientists and psychologists school counselor. Re capped as people's imagination stories and we at this boat because reunites is that. Guilt from all the guilt but Aaron I have teenage still does when you could daughter's little old you will realize that she is so influenced by have friends and we. If we could get together stories about the girls who had done. Pot things who had struggled sometimes I'm even yes bailed. We could tell that's Hillary's ad that would help. Go here to America or adult reading the book realize what they continued. I'm one of the stats that really shocked me and about it says that between the ages of eight to fourteen girls' confidence levels fall by 30% that seems like a huge number a clear how can we spot the confidence decline and what can we do. To keep it from happening and do you think social media is adding to best. On what you have all of that is important I think how we spot it we're hoping that. We can all put a spotlight on it and help everybody understand that at this critical time it's especially important. To encourage girls to keep taking risks even as they might start to EL more has it sent. One interesting data point we found is that dads are often better at spotting out it's dropped so. Let the man noticed it and pay attention to a -- not just a simple and that's the way we are so the normal part of our. Our process but. It it's possible it week. Can focus on what's happening and an end the social media question is essential because it's. It can be a blessing and a curse and yes. A girls can become more obsessive more insular more focused on appearance more focus on what's wrong with that I'm all all of us and it's a black oldest some extent. But it can also be a real advantage social media can help. Girl's connect with people more light and the and they cannot and use it as a Parma can make them feel more powerful. Would you both mentioned they both have daughters on the have you incorporated your books into your patient. I caddie. Not. Oh until they are. Now that we wish they had gotten a hate yet we might sit at my daughter while she picked. An age she failed history that the school she doesn't bail has all but but when she failed this that she was devastated she went from. A minute illicit street pets Gionta at bell high school and never gonna get into college and I have no friends on an average Joseph I just about twenty. It right. No idea that it looked cool like cool kit extra eyes. So what I really liked my attention you have to kind of walk them back from that right I regal how old. But it felt it but share a school comeback and actually I went on to act and then eight people failed things. And I think that's one thing that we as parents can help built wit. Is normalizing. Aliens I've become much more conscious that they might hit him I don't particular. Dixon's when I screwed up this is when things didn't go well this is when it was hard committee Robert pretending everything it. Because if you had a good stuff that gets Julio kids are watching and watching you you're several more my daughter's latest pronouncement was not mom. You know I saw between eight and fourteen company struck you clearly blew it it it. And I don't confidence that they are so. We can. Our daughters but it tell me who understands. That to back away and not via helicopter. Which is right issue rates it's like let them struggle and it's going to be good for them. Women are so under represented in politics on both sides of aisle. I'm that catty do you think confidence gap keeps women from striving towards a career like politics. You know organizations such trying to get more women into leadership and politics of our on things like one of the main reasons that women don't rob political is that shift era public speaking. They don't want to raise their hands and have that voice is put out that. We had in the gulf many of the Gump in this book. Some of the things they struggle with most of rule is speaking out there is a gun went to California who was H it's must lift in and middle school and it took her mom. It will she able to tell about that she was being bloated and then took the host will feature about that if we current chalk out the speak up. Even if it ruffled the vote debate on a beer and brothels and that doesn't rocks the boat at weakening courage them how to get it the leadership that where they and then. Run for political but it well they choose the good. Well we're now I hearings the pandemic and teens are struggling with anxiety at navigating the virtual world. Claire you is seeing an even worst decline in confidence right now because of the camp pandemic. We are we are worried about all teens and girls especially because as we tracked about earlier girl's at. So focused on social media there so insular rate now they don't have a lot of different ways to enact its that they can really adopt. In an anxiety of rabid apple feeling overwhelmed. One of the things we are hoping is that some of the stories. In this book will show that. There are ways to build confidence ways to take risks ways to try something new that don't always have to ample. Travel lane you know cub interacting with. Forty people aren't yet you can do it again on social media you could try new activities that might not require a lot of interaction a lot of the girls here it really harnessed the power social media Hugh. Bill they're armed they're causes. At a city anything Megan that we don't know we're trying to talk to teachers about especially and parents is that. It is also a moment as hard as it is went society's expectations. Are. Not quite there any mare we can all we're doing things differently now and so for young girls to thank. Not why not take a chance now I I can you don't get away wick that now. That that kind of thinking can be liberating in terms of encouraging the the risk taking in confidence building. I and the book is filled with so many incredible stories from so many incredible young one then it. I'm Patti can you tell me about that is story which was a day in your confident life mr. Graham reels campaign. This campaign and we we can't live within diagram before the campaign we launched an antique Oak Park some of the gulls in that book came out with the idea. Where they would do own -- think about what made them feel confident journey today they had about a man read a confident with challenged. They would to its members that they whacked. I tried it I I eight bit eight and ice greet my. A book I took my doctoral you know it's just a couple. Something that made them feel a little bit confident that goal remember a hug and that they I think it can be ready expiring front ago. Yeah I love I love everything you guys are doing about this series is I really think its just putting so much. I'm really need a positive he in the world for young women and unfortunately we're still living in such a toxic society when I think you so much Claire and caddy for joining me. Today at living the confidence code is available in stores now along with the four other books in the series thank you guys so much and please come on the talks meantime. Thank you and.

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{"duration":"9:30","description":"The authors of “Living the Confidence Code” tell “The View” co-host Meghan McCain why they’re encouraging young girls to speak up and embrace failure. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76284264","title":"Claire Shipman and Katty Kay on their mission to build confidence in young girls","url":"/theview/video/claire-shipman-katty-kay-mission-build-confidence-young-76284264"}