CNN reporter barred from White House event after asking questions

"The View" co-hosts discuss the White House communications team's decision to disinvite the reporter.
6:48 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for CNN reporter barred from White House event after asking questions
So we want half. I think journalists everywhere want to tip their hat. So the White House. Because they just kind of for something amazing to happen. They got Fox News to come out defending CNN. And they came together as news people. That's news. Because I've CNN reported Caitlin Collins getting shut out of oppressive and we're asking these questions. Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I thank you very hard here. It that's the White House claimed that the questions were inappropriate. Now the question is do you think that they were an appropriate what she Andy. Loud critic. Many couples and that really can't let as loud as some the other people screaming they weren't inappropriate because she was the pool reporter and that means she's representing all of the networks is that she has to ask. The questions of the day just like we talk about the hot topics of the day what do we talk about we talked about the Cohen taint. We we we talk about anything that is current and that was her job that is her job she's a very tough reporter she's a fair reporter. And perhaps eight and like the questions but that's not what our democracy is about our democracy is about. Yeah. One bait they. May ban her from an event it's busy it's it was not it yeah invited red star ray rental rows and rows are open press event. But. Apparently no there is some question as to whether the word ban was used as well when someone disinvited you somewhere. It kind of feels like it's a plot. Here's that Daniel I'm ever forever by. He said don't call media isn't the guy who told her that not come back this guy shine and he is now they'll sign who are basically. The one who covered up for Roger Els and the rest of the but obviously yeah allegedly. So he knows better he came from fox a work in our job isn't why are out he couldn't even protect. The F chickens from the wolves and at fox wielding trying to protect chickens was being exactly that we have been new Alexandria times report it. Because this is this just isn't number one of those stars are do you have anything to say on the last want to get it out now I just. It said he straight Kuhn called the rising star and at CNN right now and that she's not exactly Gemma cost I would've understood it and why are actually I don't know her politics and in the end a good place real little in the Atlantic what there isn't so I don't like to the cost is tactics in front of the White House I think he's sort of show pony it's always trying to move for the cameras she is not someone actually in acting category which is why it was particularly surprising to me that they chose her. Eddie is a bad look all the way around like he's at and you have Fox News and Brett bear coming out saying you have to stand in solidarity with journalism. Journalists when you're the principal and you're looking for the principal journalist's active and aunts and you have to decide. Well how you gonna control the messaging we're gonna speak to in my context is totally normal the problem is these people are nothing about messaging they know nothing about controlling the narrative and they're just saying that all trash everywhere can't have any access I would say it is England did not the enemy if you're telling the truth. I'm just saying it here and here shortly into what may yet saying whether they have not I don't know I don't know not not you can hear any they would say they never had to beat always butted heads with the press yes 'cause your original Obama has been on about that that the press was very doable pleasant is it evidently there's not a president. In my remembrance of tanning bed I was alive for that. Felt that the best really understood that I'm sure and that's not. Did press' job to press's job is to tell us what's happening act when he kidnapped. Okay. Actually has a press conference the way other presidents had a comfortable anyway because he doesn't know the answers to the question and when it does now you can't sit. Well I do think that. That you have created a well what treasonous when news accept you back to commit against our NSA and our in the intelligence community is the answer is yes to that he doesn't want to answer that question and I want you want Dillon Jacqueline from the light how list recently for an hour if something is not talking he only -- I don't know. The senate since he watts always percent of. But the problem the problem with that it is you know and do people everybody has an issue with the press because it you know it would it doesn't matter what side Jauron. They're never on your side NC house because they're telling you what's going on that's their job they're not buzz me telling you how to bank. And that's Busby telling you. What you're supposed to be doing it and just bare team DB that information that's one of the things that we always say keep democracy going. No matter what five yeah. It's important no matter what side you're any good journalist keep fire yes you know most of them all act and and I and I wonder sometimes gives. You know if you become bombastic. You know with their Press Secretary whenever and the this narrative I'll bet you are awful starts because someone doesn't like what you're asking Matt. If this. Is not a detriment. Poets and I skipped my you know Janata me. Yeah eyes it has to be because that we we need to have that transparency we need to have. Access to the facts and then we get to make the decision what I do like about what happened. Yesterday. Is that all the other networks got a headache all we protect what we first started talking about this I remember saying. If one reporter asked of ballot question and the president shuts the person's says that's fake news to keep taxing authorities say that at that same exact question that's sad that's the solidarity that I'd like to see the journalist and I finally saw refresh I'm. I should have. They could put the put trump goes out there and says that the pressing the analysts came out of you know an almost famous when they can main character Karen Crowe is like I'm the enemy he's the Rolling Stone reporter and morning on the band you. It is an adversarial relationship you cannot be friends with journalists when you're on a campaign are here representing a principle but I don't I would jettison the right now let me I think it's very very volatile word he's going around saying don't believe what they say they are the enemy no that's not the enemy there are American citizens doing their jobs that's. Or.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the White House communications team's decision to disinvite the reporter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56845958","title":"CNN reporter barred from White House event after asking questions","url":"/theview/video/cnn-reporter-barred-white-house-event-questions-56845958"}