Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson hopes to shed light on criminal system with ‘For Life’

The musician and actor is joined by Isaac Wright Jr. to share the inspiration behind their new TV series.
6:00 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson hopes to shed light on criminal system with ‘For Life’
earlier this month you were honored on the Hollywood walk of fame. You got a star. It's incredible. You spoke to the crowd during the ceremony. We actually have a clip of it. That's great. I had a conversation earlier today with Mary J. Blige. She called to congratulate me for the -- getting the star on the walk of fame, and I told her I was nervous and she was, like, what are you nervous about, you know,, like -- she was, like -- I said, just because it's starting to feel really important because of who's coming. You know, and -- I don't think I've ever seen you get emotional before. I was working on that. I was working on that. To not be emotional? To be emotional. Oh, really? I have the speech done, but it was no speech, like, I opened it in the beginning. It was, like, four blank pieces of paper and I said -- I erased the speech, and I don't know how this is going to go because this is blank, and I was under pressure. I should just go -- You were acting? They would give you just a little bit of cool points for getting emotional. You weren't overcome by, you know, the huge gravity of it? No. It feels great. I was trying to get them to put mine next to Charles so when people vandalize his, mine can get coverage. I got next to it. I'm right in front of the burger joint. They gave me that. It's nice to have a star. Nice to have one. Your show "For life" is inspired by a true, really unbelievable story. Tell everybody what it's about. It's loosely based on Isaac Wright jr.'s story. Say his Isaac Wright Jr. Okay. He was sentenced to 70 years plus. He was wrongfully convicted and he was in jail for about 7 1/2 years before he started to become prison rep and represent other inmates to have their cases overturned and created case law through those cases and he was able to bring himself back on appeal and gave back life for the 70 years he had. He continued to work until he got out of the system, so -- Which is incredible. It's incredible. We have a clip. We have it. We have him right here in the audience. Congratulations to you. Congratulations to you. Good for you. Amazing. Amazing. And you have persevered through so much. So much. This, you know, now that the show has inspired -- been inspired by your story, and the show is fantastic by the way. Yes, it is. What does it feel like for you that so many people are seeing this show, and just getting a glimpse into the inequities of the system? It's an incredible feeling. You know, one of the disappointments about -- for me, personally about being released is that I left thousands of people behind. Yeah. And now that "For life" is here, and here for everyone, it gives me the ability to touch millions at the same time. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But it's been amazing. Curtis, when you met Isaac and you heard his story, what resonated with you other than I mean, the obvious? To tell you the truth, when he was telling me, I was googling it because I never heard of that before. 70 years plus life, and gave the time back. I was, like -- That's crazy. Sure enough, it popped up. It's a true story, and then from there, I just started paying people because I'm going to make this a big hit. I'm going to make this a big hit. Everybody out the way. It's so good. It's so good, and I've only seen two episodes and it's fantastic. We've spoken many times about the state of the criminal justice system on our show. Do you think this will shed some light? I think it will. I hope it's bigger than people that are socially conscious, but people are entertained by it, and they'll be able to feel the emotional journey of the character and be a little more invested in it because of that. Kim Kardashian, when she was on the show, she talked about how she's been working on this type of thing also. Yeah. Next year Kim Kardashian is going to be on to promote my television show. Seriously? No, no, no. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Think about it. You get convicted for something that you know you didn't do. I know. And you're imprisoned for life. It's a terrible thing. We've seen it. We've seen it. As Meghan said, we talk about this a lot because this has happened so much but, you know, the more people recognize this isn't just a black problem or a Latino problem, this is a people this could happen to anybody at any time. It happens to people who don't have money. It happens to black and brown people more. It happens to people who get caught at the wrong time. You're just walking down the street. Somebody says it's you, and it's Yeah. So this is all of us. You know, you -- you need to come do a whole day with us. That's so funny.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"The musician and actor is joined by Isaac Wright Jr. to share the inspiration behind their new TV series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69050539","title":"Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson hopes to shed light on criminal system with ‘For Life’","url":"/theview/video/curtis-50-cent-jackson-hopes-shed-light-criminal-69050539"}