Daniel Howell opens up about mental health and taking break from his YouTube channel

The YouTuber and author tells "The View" co-host Sara Haines what triggered his hiatus and why he came out as gay in his return and also discusses his book "You Will Get Through This Night."
8:59 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Daniel Howell opens up about mental health and taking break from his YouTube channel
YouTube where Daniel Howell has been comically sharing his life online for over ten years racking up more than six million subscribers along the way. But now he's sharing a brand new beside themselves opening up about his own journey with mental health in the new book you will get through this night. Please welcome Daniel Howell how are you Daniel Wellcome. I'm doing wonderful thank you tell you today I'm doing better now talking with you this is anything that's near and dear to my heart so. Will start out right now you started posting India's when you were just a team but a couple of years ago you shocked viewers when he took a sudden hiatus. Now tell us about why you started your YouTube channel and what led to the break. Senator like a lot of people when this whole social media thing stuff says I never planned for this to be my career I was making these little comedy videos telling funny stories from my life. Ranting about some topics not a sharing them with my friends. And that has this whole social media thing happened accidentally started snowballing and then here we got how to correct. I didn't planet and then it just so happens. I basically how to put a colt's life crisis I think it's something happens to a local people in my life when. You've got problems you want dealing with may be other electoral skeleton in the clause that other was in my life and it starts taking a hole in your mental health I just couldn't keep going anymore he had I had to do that very terrifying thing that said I need to go a bit of the journey of self understanding to just so tough these issues in my life because I keep governing. It's not in the last. It takes an inner strength to recognize that though I fully believe in the harder life crisis but you returned in a big way posting a video called basically I'm day. What was it like to come out so publicly and why was it important created do you that. I mean if I had my way it wouldn't have been public for someone whose job is talking to ordinances I find it very terrifying and I don't let people being up in my business I know I'm hyped really made about decision hit. Add to the favorite coming out as you know people say why is always a big deal in a while that resumes people it's heterosexual it's always going to be surprised I'm the someone like me you've been out in the public world felt like a decade and have these millions of US it was the biggest surprise in the entire world and I had to do it just tell my own generally assembly but also there. The relationship I have with my audience showed me the importance. That everyone actually how does. Amazing how to shed their story and to make a difference and the welcome to touch the people that may be going through something so I knew that this wasn't just something that Steve myself. I have to make it something could be that a younger person that may have just been like me. I understand why it's not easy to share those intimacies because you chose a lane you were doing comedy. He we're leaning into that material that doesn't mean people have the right eat to completely undressed every part of your life. And so I commend you for feeling that need to be transparent night. Encourage people as well if in win they're ready that those stories can be very powerful to people watching. Because like right now we're in the middle of a mental health awareness month and your book is coming out at the perfect time. Because you call it a practical guide for mental health why did you decide to write this now. This is the book I wish I could've read when I was younger. As a fifteen year old as a 25 year old just that it could save me so much suffering. Because mental health is a universal human experience is not just something that applies to people who are seriously are anxious or depressed how we think. How we feel our relationship with our emotions these things all happen impact on how health and unhappiness and I think that. We all have to know absolutely everything we time to give ourselves the Powell. To make ourselves feel that's so I said hey I'm gonna write. The book I wish I could've read a couple of things I would of Fred also out of flights to her friends because that. There's a lot of information out there in the world I'm someone after a long day doesn't necessarily like during the hope more you know I got into something really academics I'll let you know law. I'm gonna make it funny even if it's really in a pert three. I'm actually gonna blow myself into because mental health it being such as silence statements highest this year. People really struggle to your beyond mr. themselves and to feel comfortable acknowledging issues they have swipe on Hank. I'm gonna use myself as an example of someone who's done everything rocked my life is a mess. Every single candidate and all. I I don't but that helps too that even you just say that now makes them on a paragon I'll maybe I don't have to feel so we did that being the stressful for warring this much which is why it's so important. I think comedies such a huge element because this is heady stuff and when your fearing inch your own vulnerabilities. That's a lot like when you when I go to aired yet exhausted when I'm done and so I think the fact that you added comedy today. Makes it a little words I adjustable as people take their first step in and he wrote this book with a psychologist. And it's broken up into three parts can you explain that Tass. Yeah definitely senator it was so important to me to your house this the fact checked and verified and supporters by health care professional because especially when you're talking about mental health. You might have a friend and instead Graham Boyd says the really clever sounding stuff it's so important to notice someone knows what they're talking about so this whole book has been thoroughly fact checked even if I didn't delete Hoffa that. It's not a great job. But that means that you could trust and believe that the sizzle evidence based up you know it's not a spiritual it's not that you know he's a nice I did this is things that people have proven by studies showed you do this it will have a positive effect on how you feel I'm this book is just alluded. We practical tips things that you can try it right now it will make a difference. And because mental health disorder overwhelming regiment stop we've broken into there's three sections so there it starts with what is mental health how does your mind why do you think until these things. On the first section is cooled this night and it's about how can the tools to manage how you think and feel when you have a crisis because I'm someone. Spend a lot of time up in my head's. Yeah I warrior law and I got down these little thought spirals clarify think about something I've got while I really want indulgent don't think about the worst case. Possible scenario that could happen and I get nothing done in my whole day and if you practice mindful us realize that you on your thoughts to distance yourself from the suggestions the operating gets here. If you learn the importance of being presents. Indulging in your senses and experiencing the most you know opting to handle day and even things just like breathing and affect our physical body in space house on how we feel can allow you to snap out of and these are basic tools. That could have saved me spent many days or weeks of time that I was just trapped in these situations where I felt like. I have two adults these voices in my head. And and the second pop. Is the practical stuff about changing your lifestyle so that when you really good place and you like Hamlet try something. Acres through every aspect of your life to socialites sleep diet. Activity that you choose to do and it really makes you realize we may don't think about it back every choice you make in your dates they liked how an effect on how you think can feel. And if you can choose to do something different you can choose to make yourself feel pets I felt very attacked. When I was researching and writing that's when I looked at my own life as you realized. The so many many things I just wasn't tearing right. And even if you know something's what do you some things that what you're just as good how old bat so you can apply latest your life. And then at that pop is the longer term stoppage is thinking about childhood you'll psychological makeup I can be dealing with a neutral regular past. It's making use going through repeating the same patch in your dates daylight. What is your minds acts are you good at talking to yourself in dealing with your emotions what do you hope this self destructive psychology that just makes things less. And it's Jenny from the stops that end the should certainly let someone have an idea of how tech tape as parents Barron hands. I wanted to be something that people. Feel they can come back after I didn't want it to be about someone reads once and then they feel like they're cured it can be that on your shelf. How's that practical exercise you can trap has tip a story to maybe make you a lesson learned some I've been through your. So that this is like the companion that sitting in the study because I I definitely wish I had something in my life. Well Daniel I know that you weren't lucky enough to have something like happened now you were gonna affect so many people. You're kind of solving that problem for people that are hungry to know more that don't realize that they're not alone so I commend you for doing this I think it's it's amazing work. I'm Bain keel. And Daniels bookie will get through this night is available now. A big think it'd Daniel how for everything he does making us laugh but also making us think and feel more healthy Ain T. Thank you heard the news on Father's Day.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"The YouTuber and author tells \"The View\" co-host Sara Haines what triggered his hiatus and why he came out as gay in his return and also discusses his book \"You Will Get Through This Night.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77759071","title":"Daniel Howell opens up about mental health and taking break from his YouTube channel","url":"/theview/video/daniel-howell-opens-mental-health-taking-break-youtube-77759071"}