Daniel Radcliffe on 'Harry Potter' super fans and his new play

Radcliffe talks about his Broadway play, "The Lifespan of a Fact."
3:00 | 10/29/18

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe on 'Harry Potter' super fans and his new play
So, actor Daniel Radcliffe is back on Broadway starring in the new one-act comedy "The life span of a fact" about the importance of reporting the truth, yeah, and the desire for some people anyway to get every fact correct. Hello? Timely. Yes. I saw it the other night and I really loved it. Please welcome Daniel Radcliffe. ??? That's very kind of you. Thank you very much. Hello. Welcome to the show. Thank you. So you're an incredible actor. You've been on stage with shows like ek wee yus, movies like kill your darlings and Swiss army. I was texting with my brother and sister last night and they would like me to show you their Harry potter tattoos that they got. In my family we get drunk and get tattoos. That's my sister Bridget. That's not nearly as big as other people. My brother and sister have matching tattoos. They watched all 8 films and got drunk together and got them. Have you seen other Harry potter tra toos? I have. The one thing that I've seen that I really hate is some people have had my signature tattooed onto them after I have signed their arm. Oh. I did that once and I sort of go like three days later and I'm like, oh, have I already signed for you? She's like, no, this is a tattoo, can you get my book. And I have like horrible handwritten. That's something really, like -- yeah, please don't do that with anyone. You're not going to like us forever, please don't. Do kids still recognize you as Harry potter? Sometimes, but sometimes also I'm starting to get that thing where parents will bring their children up like this is Harry potter and the kids look at me like, no, that guy is old. That recognize that as Harry, so this is different for them. Welcome to the club. Welcome to the club. My grandson's in love with holtha. He read all the books. He's a big fan. I was just saying to somebody backstage, they've become a thing of immense comfort for people. I've got friends who tell me, particularly if they're hung over, Harry potter is where they go when they're feeling awful. Let's talk about your new play. I went to see it and I liked it a lot. It's called "The life span -- get new teeth and I'll be fine. "The life span of a fact." You play a fact checker and Bobby karn -- It's amazing. It's so topical. We get to have our cake and eat it. We don't talk about the politics at the moment or politics at all really. It's about a fact checker checking this, an author and an essayist's work, but you can't do a play about fact and the nature of truth and things like that without it seem political. Particularly since they put it on stage right now. There's something wonderful about -- I loved going to see theatre as a kid and discussing it with my parents afterward and I think this is a play that will get people talking about it. I'm playing the guy who's very much on the side of facts which is nice for me because I'm very much that sort of -- the argument I would mostly take myself. But I think it is good to see both sides of it presented in I think a pretty hopefully sympathetic and fun way. I'm making it sound very dry. It's 85 minutes, it's really funny. It's short, you'll love it. My husband and I went to see it and we laughed throughout it. One thing that was interesting to me is you have this -- you're a Brit. You have this British accent. I did not see an inkling of an accent. Great. Hear an inkling of it. There was no Harry potter for me. It was just this actor. But when did you start to hone it because you were truly American in this? Honestly, I think -- I can't speak for all British actors but a lot of us have been honing them since we were kids. I would give my -- I was into wwf, now WWE as a kid and those guys were American so if I was playing with WWE action figures, I gave them American accents. I've also been told that I sound like Chris Columbus who directed the first two Harry potter movies and who I spent most time with early on. I sound like I'm from Ohio. It was unbelievable. You were terrific. Thank you very much. There's something special about a live audience. We've got one too. At times a phone can go off, someone can burp or other bodily functions can happen which I'm sure happens during plays. Are there any moments that you remember? It doesn't get distracting. I worked with an actor once who used to stop the show when a phone would go off and he would do that to me and turn to the audience and wait. I was a teenager at the time and I found it very hard not to laugh in that situation. We also had like -- the thing that's most distracting is like sometimes you'll get one laugh that you will hear above all the other ones and it will be like slightly too loud, too long and at inappropriate things. And last night -- yesterday we had a woman in who I'm pretty sure was like a little bit drunk and would just -- started off laughing enthusiastic and at a certain point you're like, you're laughing at everything. These are not all jokes. You're just having a great time out there. Better than the alternative I guess. Absolutely, better than no one laughing. I'd rather have a room full of drunks laughing. That's a terrible thing to say. Have you ever stopped in the middle and said shut up or turn that phone off? No, I couldn't do that I don't think. I'd be too -- because I feel like if I was in that position I would be mortified. It's an embarrassing enough moment for them as it is I think most of the time. Bobby has heard people -- he said -- I think he said the other day he had seen somebody actually like take a call. Then you would be within your rights -- If it's a doctor. The only reason you should ever have a phone that's on is if your parent should go hmm in your pocket and if it's a doctor it should make a click and you can answer it. That's the only time it should be on, y'all. That's it at the theatre. Daniel, thanks for coming by. It's always a pleasure. If you're in New York, go see him in "The life span of a fact." Not that hard to say, at studio

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Radcliffe talks about his Broadway play, \"The Lifespan of a Fact.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58833297","title":"Daniel Radcliffe on 'Harry Potter' super fans and his new play","url":"/theview/video/daniel-radcliffe-harry-potter-super-fans-play-58833297"}