Dax Shepard gives parenting tips, and why marriage is about 'endless compromise'

The hilarious host of "Spin the Wheel" talks hot topics, and explains the reason behind his arguments with wife Kristen Bell.
4:37 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Dax Shepard gives parenting tips, and why marriage is about 'endless compromise'
Usually you come with your wife. She's not here today, Kristen. She's not here. What happens is I'm just following Willie's tour bus around the country and so it landed here and I thought I'll go in as well. That actually sounds like a great reality show. Yeah, just tagging along with We're going to do a hot topic with you and since she's not here you can be really honest. Okay. A new survey reveals that 17% of respondents admit to wearing air pods during sex. Do you do that? What are they listening to? That's the second question. I'm hoping my podcast. You know, I guess my question is, it can't be incredibly vigorous because those things fall out when you, like, turn to get a tissue, in my experience. That's from the male point of from a woman's point of view we can just lie there. You can lie there, that's an option for you. Exciting news, also an option for a guy. He can if he wants, just lie he might not get repeat business. So do you have a musical favorite if you were to listen, besides Willie? I'm with megh. My day starts quite often with it. And I do the Waylon version. I was a dam builder beautiful. I offered to Willie if you want to sing this song impromptu, I will do Waylon's part. Wait? Get him back out here. Let's talk about your kids. You've got two young daughters, Lincoln and delta. Yes. Beautiful names. What did you guys do for father's day? Oh, well, I got on an airplane and deserted them to come to New York. What's funny about that is -- That's okay. They'll go to therapy. We've socked away money for a treatment center for both of them. But you know, I had also left the morning of mother's day to come to New York for upfronts and then I left on father's day. When I left on mother's day I felt terrible but when I left on father's day I thought I'm not going to get the morning breakfast and it's kind of even. Then I realized, no, I deserted her and she had to watch both kids on mother's day by herself and now on father's day. So I was wrong. I screwed her over twice I think is what happened. There was no even Steven about it. Not at all. How did that go? I've just not checked in with her. That's the best course of action. It will come back. I had a boyfriend who would tell me that when I got hysterical I'd get historical and bring stuff back. With all the mistakes out of the resentment vault. You're very intentional when it comes to parenting and apparently when you and Kristen fight at home, you make it a point to make up in front of your daughters as well. This is something she read that I thought was incredibly poignant which is your kids constantly observe their parents get into fights but generally parents make up behind closed doors so you're giving them the skills to fight but you're not really demonstrating the skills to resolve things. So we're like, we should do it couldn't be more awkward. They don't want to witness us get back together, but we have done it. We can see we're losing them for When she's here you seem like the perfect couple so what do you fight about? We're human beings and we fight about -- I'll tell you, any time human beings, all of us are self-centered and we want to meet our own desires, it's endless compromise and within compromise comes friction. I don't think there's a couple alive that's not, you know, learning to dissipate friction. Have you tried not to fight in front of them? No. We're -- That doesn't work. That's not real. There's no real version -- no, I want them to leave our house with all the skill sets. I don't want them to get into real life and go, wait, people fight, you know? Yes, they do. We do a timeout thing like when we know the fight's coming because I've been married for 20 years. I go, let's talk over there. I'll meet you in my office in five minutes. You can usually anticipate it's coming. My kids know what's going to happen in that office, that's my guess. They do. I've only been married two I've got nothing to give you. Your podcast -- What's sex like? I'm the only one that won't

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The hilarious host of \"Spin the Wheel\" talks hot topics, and explains the reason behind his arguments with wife Kristen Bell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63789369","title":"Dax Shepard gives parenting tips, and why marriage is about 'endless compromise'","url":"/theview/video/dax-shepard-parenting-tips-marriage-endless-compromise-63789369"}